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Easy Crochet Cardigan Pattern Free

Learn how to crochet a simple cardigan with this free crochet cardigan pattern for beginners. This pattern is sized from XS to 5XL and has 3 different sleeve options as well as a customizable length. 

Easy Crochet Cardigan Pattern for beginners

Rose Crochet Cardigan | Free Crochet Pattern

If you’ve never made a crochet garment before, the Rose Crochet Cardigan is the perfect introduction that uses basic crochet stitches to create a textured cardigan that is lightly ribbed. 

You’ll learn lots of skills during this crochet project that will allow you to move on to more complex patterns in the future including:

  • how to measure youself
  • understanding a schematic
  • how to seam your cardigan so it’s invisible
  • and many more skills beside!

This pattern uses worsted weight yarn (Aran in the UK) which is big enough to see what you are stitching up and makes counting your stitches easy.

Easy Crochet Cardigan Pattern Free

Rose Crochet Cardigan CAL

This free cardigan pattern is being released as a Free Crochet Along (CAL) which means the pattern will be released in sections with corresponding video tutorials to show you have to complete each part of the pattern.

How does this crochet along work?

Each the section of the pattern is forever-free to view on this website, as will the video tutorials be available to view on my YouTube Channel.

Each section was released over the course of a few weeks. Simply click the pattern section below to see the next stage of the cardigan to make.

Purchase the Printable PDF Pattern

If you’d like to increase your pattern reading skills, make notes as you work, or simply prefer to work from a printed pattern, you can get an AD-FREE, printable PDF version from Ravelry by clicking the button below

Free Crochtet Cardigan pattern for beginners

Make it Yours – Fully Customizable

The Rose Crochet Cardigan pattern has lots of way’s to make this project your own!

There are 3 different sleeve options:

  • Short Sleeved
  • Puffed, long sleeved
  • Tapered, long sleeved

All the sleeves options are worked directly on to the cardigan to minimise the sewing in this crochet cardigan pattern.

The short sleeved option is perfect for a summer cardigan to pop over your shoulders on those cooler days.

The puffed, long sleeves make a statement all of their own! Super comfy, with a ribbed cuff, these sleeves are both modern and stylish.

Long sleeved crochet cardigan pattern

The tapered sleeves are slightly more advanced due to the number of decreases in the stitch count to create the tapered shape – but I know you can do it!

The tapered shape is a traditional shape that is commonly seen in most cardigans – great for everyone’s style.

Whichever sleeve option you choose to make, there is another way to make this cardigan in your own style too.

Here’s the long and short of it!

Alongside the option to choose which style of sleeve you’d like to make, you can also select which length you’d like to create.

The pattern is written in 4 different sizes:

  • Cropped – 14″
  • Hip Length – 22″
  • Mid Thigh – 30″
  • Knee Length – 33″

The pattern has a row repeat that will allow you to adjust the length as you make the 1st part of the pattern and the written instructions will make it clear how to adjust your side panels to create them in the same length.

How to create your gauge swatch

This is the 1st and most important step of making a handmade garment that fits well – unfortunately, it’s also the most commonly skipped part of making a wearable.

This little challenge will only take 1-2 hours, but will ensure that you finished project will achieve the size you want to make.

This pattern has been created with the idea that not everyone will take this simple step and also why I will be sharing more about understanding a schematic with you as this will show you the measurements each panel of the cardigan needs to be.

Click the button below to see more about why checking your gauge is important and stitch up your own swatch.How to Make your Gauge Swatch 

Made it?

Click the button below to measure yourself, ready to confirm which size you will be making.How to Measure Yourself 

Size Chart | Rose Cardigan Crochet Along

Rose Crochet Cardigan Size Chart

How Much Yarn do You Need

There is a little maths you’ll need to complete to check how much yarn you will need to make your cardigan as there are so many options from the size you’re making, the length and sleeve options too.

Simply confirm which size you are making using the size chart above. You can also use the schematic below – Click here to understand schematics in more detail

To help you calculate the yarn you need to make your cardigan follow the instructions:

You can use the chart below to confirm the total number of stitches needed based on your choices

Stitch counts per size

Get your yarn ready for the 1st part of the pattern releasing on 17th March 2023.

Easy Crochet Cardigan Pattern Free

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