21 New Years Resolution Crochet Patterns

Happy New Year to you! If you’ve spent the last few months making al the crochet gift patterns for everyone you love, you may need some inspirational crochet patterns to get 2021 off to the best possible start.

During the New Year’s Resolutions blog hop. you’ll find crochet patterns that will encourage you to be more eco friendly through to patterns that will allow you to practice mindfulness as you crochet – there is something for everyone in this New Years Resolution Blog Hop!

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The Best Intentions | New Years Resolution Crochet Patterns

Many of us start the year with the best intensions to create new routines to improve our health & mindset, and be more eco-friendly to help save the planet . No doubt that 2021 will see the majority of us treasuring the time we spend with friends and family more than ever. 

 Each day, from 1st – 21st January 2021, you’ll be able to download a free crochet pattern from over 20 of my favourite crochet designers, to keep you inspired with crochet patterns to help you tick off some of your New Years Resolutions and keep you crocheting throughout 2021!!

Here is just some of the amazing New Year’s Resolution inspired crochet patterns and techniques that were featured as part of this blog hop:

Practice Self Care : Lux Spa Scrubby Set | Through the Loop Yarn Craft

Learn a New Crochet Technique:  Illusion Hat featuring a Fair Isle crochet | Two Brothers Blanket

Be More Eco Friendly:  Granny’s Shopping Bag | Cosy Rosie UK

Practice Mindfulness: Pocket Prayer Square | Remmington Lane Crochet

Be More Eco Friendly | 1st January 2021 

Day 1: Today’s  crochet pattern is brought to you from Me, Fiona at Cosy Rosie UK! 

I’m the worlds worst when it comes to remembering to take my reusable shopping bags with me to the shops. Are you the same? 

2021 is the year that I will no longer use plastic bags, so I designed Granny’s Shopping Bag!

It can fold up easily, and fits in my handbag – So, no more plastic bags needed, reusable or otherwise! I’m going to make more of these bags in even more colours – I love all the options available in Caron Cotton Cakes. 

Click here to see the pattern

Free Crochet Shopping Bag Pattern

Express Your Mood | 2nd January 2021

Day 2: Express your Mood Cushion by Steph at Classy Lady Yarn Works.

Steph’s inspirational cushion cover let’s you say just how you feel – selfcare isn’t always taking time to have a facial.

Sometimes, showing yourself some love means you’ve just got to say what’s got to be said 💪 The pattern also uses a different technique than standard colour work so, it’s also a new technique to try out too!

Learn a New Crochet Stitch | 3rd January 2021

Day 3: New Years ResoLOOPtion Cushion by CCByFran

Fran who is the home of the Holographic Hook will have your fingers in a twist with this one, but the texture this crochet cushion creates is everything! The pattern features detailed instructions on how to complete this wonderful stitch, so it wont drive you round the twist with a little practice.

Free Crochet Cushion Cover Pattern

Reduce Your Yarn Stash | 4th January 2021

Day 4: Easy Weighted Rainbow Blanket by This Pixie Creates

Dayna’s crochet pattern ticks a lot of boxes when it comes to our New Year’s Resolutions. I know I am not the only one with a large stash of yarn (and yarn scraps)!

Lots of people also find that weighted blankets can also help them relax in times of stress. 

Crochet Weighted Blanket

Learn a New Crochet Stitch | 5th January 2021

Day 5: Stella Infinity Scarf by Me ‘n’ My Hook

B’s Stella Infinity Cowl will help you learn how to create my favourite textured crochet stitch – the Puff Stitch. Not only will you finish up with the softest of infinity cowls to wear at the end of this project, you’ll have mastered the puff stitch too! 

Free Crochet Cowl Pattern

Be More Mindful & Prayerful | 6th January 2021

Day 6: Bobble Pocket Prayer Square by Remington Lane Crochet

The Pocked Prayer Squares are small enough you can put in your wallet or pocket, to always have on hand, as a reminder of your resolution to be more mindful & prayerful this year. The perfect gift for people in need of comfort during a challenging time. 

Crochet Prayer Square Pattern

Reuse & Declutter | 7th January 2021

Day 7: Baskets Made With T-Shirt Yarn by With Love, Feli

We all want to reduce the amount of waste we send to landfill, and what better way to turn the tide on fast fashion, than to use them to craft & crochet as you create more storage too!

Free Crochet Baskets Pattern

Learn how to crochet a Mandala | 8th January 2021

Day 8: Marigold Market Bag by Hooks, Books & Wanderlust

Kristen created the Marigold Market bag with a Mandala base, featuring some less common crochet stitches so, she’s provided all the tutorials needed to help you complete this intermediate level crochet pattern and keep from using those plastic shopping bags! 

Marigold Market Bag

Take time to read & learn a new stitch | 9th January 2021

Day 9: Woven Stitch Book Marker by Sunflower Cottage Crochet

Are you a corner folder?! I have to admit that I am, but now I don’t need to! I consider reading a form of self-care where you can take time to relax and lose yourself in a good story! 

Take Time to Breathe | 10th January 2021

Day 10: The Simply Spa Set by Carroway Crochet

Have you been missing your spa trips? Or like me, do you DIY your treatments at home?

Either way, Pam’s Simply Spa Set, will allow you to create the spa experience in your own home as you take time to breathe and relax.

Crochet Face Scrubbies Pattern

Learn a new crochet technique | 11th January 2021

Day 11: Illusion Hat by Two Brothers Blankets

Did you think that Fair Isle can only be made by knitting? Well, Michelle shows us how to crochet the Fair Isle effect as we make this beautiful hat! 

Fair Isle crochet pattern

Try a New Yarn | 12th January 2021

Day 12: Luxe Spa Scrubby Set by Through The Loop Yarn Craft.

These face scrubbies are made with a little twist by using scrubby cotton which will help you exfoliate the day away as part of your skin care routine. 

Crochet Spa Set Pattern

Make staying Hydrated Easy | 13th January 2021

Day 13: Water Bottle Cozy by Ambassador Crochet.

Make staying hydrated easy! We all know that we should drink more than just coffee (or is that just me!). Keeping your bottle close by and topped up is the easy way to make hydration a priority!

Crochet Water Bottle Cozy

Be Generous to Your Furry Ones | 14th January 2021

Day 14: : Pug Puppy Sweater by My Fingers Fly

Despite their natural fur coats, even puppy’s feel the cold. If you’ve adopted a pet, or had a new furry friend join your family recently, treat them to this lovely sweater.

Crochet Puppy Sweater

Learn A New Stitch | 15th January 2021

Day 15: Sarah’s Shopping bag by Pam’s Cozy Corner

This uses one of my favourite stitches as it creates a fabulously textured fabric without using lots of yarn! Plus you can use this bag when you go shopping for more yarn to make more of these eco-friendly shopping bags. You know that 1 wont be enough! 

Crochet Shopping Bag

We all need more selfcare in our lives | 16th January 2021

Day 16 – 4 Face Scrubbies by Madame Stitch

With 4 different variations included in this collection, you’ll find a scrubby suitable for daily cleansing through to your weekly exfoliation! You can really perfect your skin care routine or make a set to gift to others!

Spread New Year Cheer | 17th January 2021

Day 17: Buffalo in Love by Anvis Granny

Oxes are known for their strength and determination and I know so many of us are determined to make 2021 a good year, come what may!

Up your organisational game | 18th January 2021

Day 18: Winding Ridges Basket by Simply Hooked by Janet.

From yarn storage, through to stashing stuff by the door; putting things in baskets show that you’re organized (even if you’re not!)

Brighten up your cooking time | 19th January 2021

Day 19: Picoted Pot Holder by Bee Outrageous

I’m not the worlds best cook, which means I have on occasion not only burned a meal, but also the worktop too! With this pot holder, I could avoid burning the counter at least, but it might not help with my cooking skills.

Picot Pot Holder

Learn how to crochet the feather stitch | 20th January 2021

Day 20: Feather Stitch Washcloth by Fosbas Designs

The feather stitch creates a uniquely, squishy texture and can be featured in any number of crochet projects including this crochet washcloth pattern. 

Square up for the rest of 2021 | 21st January 2021

Day 21: Iris Stitch in a Square by Made by Goote

The iris stitch creates a modern, flower like texture, using only double crochets and chains. It works up quickly and who doesn’t love a quick project! 

Thank You All!!

I would like to thank each and every one of the amazing designers for being so generous to allow me to share their beautiful New Years Resolution inspired crochet patterns with you. 

I hope that you enjoy every single pattern you’ve downloaded – don’t forget to share a picture of your completed projects and keep us dated on your crochet resolutions over in the Community Group! Click here to join (if you haven’t already)

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