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In the Mood Crochet Mood Project

If you’re looking for an alternative to a crochet temperature blanket, these 4 crochet project ideas will help you track your moods and use them to create a crochet blanket or shawl, unique to you

In The Mood Crochet granny squares

In the Mood | Crochet Mood Blanket or Shawl

In the Mood is a simple way to track your moods and combine it with your crochet skills, to create a personalised crochet project that you can be proud of. 

Tracking your mood is well documented to be a successful way to care for your mental health. A detailed article from Calm.com details the 5 benefits of tracking your mood: 

  1. Creates space to feel your feelings
  2. Helps you take better care of yourself
  3. Recognise patterns and triggers that impact your mood
  4. Allow you to communicate better with others
  5. Allow you to recognise if extra support is needed

Crochet Makes You Feel Good!

Crochet is cited as being many people’s happy place – giving us a time out from the world around us, a chance to concentrate on the repetitive stitches, or get lost in a complicated pattern to quieten the noise in our heads.

In the Mood combines the benefit of tracking our moods with stitching up small project or section of a project each week, that doesn’t take up a lot of time, but that can create a routine of assessing our moods and embracing our feelings.

You can read the report on the study by clicking here.

How it works | In The Mood

Free Crochet Mood Blanket Pattern

1. Choose Your Project

Let face it, we all like to make different project types, so there are 4 different patterns you can follow, each using crochet stitches that are linked to a mood or emotion.

You can choose from:

If you can’t make your mind up what to make right now, you don’t have to; all the patterns will be free to view on the designers websites as they release over the first few weeks of the event, so you can focus on tracking your moods and start stitching when you’re ready.

Find out more about the patterns further down the page.

2. Track Your Mood

Sign up to receive motivational emails along with my regular newsletter, and you’ll receive a printable mood tracker to record your moods over the next 12 months.

The In The Mood Tracker includes:

  • Mood Descriptions
  • with 7 different emotion headers, various moods and feelings have been divided up for easier mood assessment
  • Weekly Mood Assessment
  •  a weekly printable mood tracker for you to fill in your daily mood
  • Space to note your gratitude list
  • Space to note your self-care practice
  • Monthly Overview
  • You can opt to print one for each month and note you mood that way without the Weekly Mood Assessment
In The Mood Tracker

Purchase All 4 of the In The Mood Printable Patterns

You can download and print all 4 variations of the In The Mood patterns by purchasing the pattern bundle.

 Click the button below to purchase the In the Mood Bundle, ready to download and print them.

3. Get Stitching

How the patterns work

This will allow you to create a truly unique project that is centred around you and your moods.

In The Mood Special Stitches

Each mood and emotion has been grouped into 7 main headers, and each mood has a special stitch that will feature in the that section of the project you choose to make.

Video Tutorials – Special Stitches

Each of the special stitches will have a video tutorial showing you how to create that stitch, and each of the granny square designs will have their own pattern tutorial to help you complete your project with confidence.

In The Mood Pattern Information

The 2 shawl variation’s for In The Mood  have been designed by B of Me ‘n’ My Hook. There are 2 different shapes to choose from:

Both versions of In The Mood Shawls highlight the stunning texture created regardless of which mood your stitching up for the overall weekly mood.

In The Mood Crochet Shawl Swatches

Recommended Shawl Materials

Bernadine used Size 2/fingering weight yarn and the estimated yarn amounts required is up to 1200m – this amount will vary depending on which stitches are needed, but this estimation is based on a regular finished shawl size. 

To find out more about Bernadine and her beautiful In The Mood Designs, click here.

I have designed 2 variations of blanket patterns that you can chose to make for your In The Mood project. Both version use a Size 3/DK weight yarn:

Purchase All 4 of the In The Mood Printable Patterns

You can download and print all 4 variations of the In The Mood patterns by purchasing the pattern bundle.

 Click the button below to purchase the In the Mood Bundle, ready to download and print them when they publish on 16th January 2024.

Making it?

I am so excited that you’re diving in and want to make your own In The Mood Project.

Take a moment to sign up and download your In The Mood Tracker using the form below.

Then come and share in the join the Cosy Rosie Community that you’re taking part, sharing which pattern you’ll be stitching up.

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Free Crochet Mood Blanket Pattern

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