15 Free Crochet Mug Cozy Patterns

These 15 free crochet mug cozy patterns are all designed with simplicity in mind – mug cozies are an easy way to prevent your hands being scalded by a hot mug and help keep that drink warm, making that tea break last a little longer. 

15 Free Crochet Mug Cozy Patterns

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Crochet Mug Cozy Patterns | Free Pattern Inspiration

Sometimes in life, a little break is needed, and quick crochet projects like these mug cozies, are a great to step away from those bigger projects or simply to stitch up something quickly for that rush we get when finishing a project.

One complaint I commonly make, is about how my drink gets cold too quickly – a mug cozy will help it stay warmer for longer.

They can also add a little special, handmade touch to a quick and easy gift that everyone can use – stitch up a mug cozy, add some tasty treats to the mug you’ll be gifting, and it’s done in next to no time.

There are 20 different patterns to choose from, all rounded up below for you to scroll through and get stitching – you’ll find some great seasonal inspiration at for those holiday gifts too!

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15 Free Crochet Mug Cozy Patterns

How this free crochet pattern Round Up works:

Each photo represents a different crochet pattern that is ready for you to get stitching! All of these crochet patterns are available to view for free on the designers website;  if you prefer to print your patterns, there will be a link to purchase the printable pattern from the designers pattern shop.

There will be a button which will take you directly to designers website, so no faffing around trying to find the right link!

So, get scrolling and get stitching with the pattern you want to use make your next crochet mug cozy.

Coffee Cozy Sweater Wrap

by Sweet Potato 3

This simple pattern is a great way to use up that scrap yarn.

You can stripe it or keep it in one colour – a quick project that everyone will love.  View the Free Pattern 

Rainbow Mug Cozy

by You Should Craft

Brighten up that morning coffee and let the sun shine with this rainbow mug cozy! 

This free crochet pattern features a video and step-by-step photo-tutorial to help you complete your project. 
View the Free Pattern 

Team Spirit Mug Cozy

by Simply Melanie Jane

Whether you’re a die-hard sports fan or simply looking for the perfect gift for someone who is, this mug cozy is the quick project you need to showcase that team spirit.

View the free pattern 

Granny’s Mug Hug

by MadameStitch

 Keep your coffee warm in style with this quick, beginner-friendly pattern that’s created using traditional granny squares. 

Keep that coffee at just the right temperature and let hang out in your comfy chair a little longer. View the Free Pattern 

Mocha Me Cozy

by Through the Loop

The Mocha Me Cozy is an easy pattern that works up really fast, making it a great last-minute gift idea!

It looks great in any colour to personalize for friends and family; its also an awesome stash buster!
View the Free Pattern 

Star Stitch Mug Cozy

by Jo to the World

This Crochet Coffee Cozy Pattern is a quick and easy pattern that can be stitched up in under an hour.

It’s an ideal gift for any of the coffee or tea drinkers in your life
View the Free Pattern 

Super Dad Mug Cozy

by Hooked on Patterns

Kids see their fathers as their very own super heroes. Help them show their appreciation this Father’s Day with these fun mug cosies!

These will fit most standard mugs and allow for small variations in size.

They can be used on dad’s favourite mug, or you could wrap a new mug, for it to become his favourite!

View the Free Pattern 

Robin Mug Cosy

by Sunflower Cottage Crochet

Whether you’re stitching one up to give as a birthday present or to say thank you, this beautiful mug cozy crochet pattern is sure to be an appreciated gift!

It’s also a fast and simple pattern, ideal for a crochet break which is made with just one ball of yarn.

View the Free Pattern 

Striped Mug Cozy

by You Should Craft

Practice your color-changing skills with this sweet striped mug cozy. 

This free beginner crochet pattern uses half-double crochet stitches.

View the Free Pattern 

Chunky Mug Cozy

by Marsha Yarn Doodles

This mug cozy is a super quick make as you can use any Size 6/chunky yarn to make it. 

Grad some yarn in your favourite colour, add a fun button and it’s done!

View the free pattern 

Sweet Stripes Mug Cozy

by Green Fox Farms Designs

The Sweet Stripes Coffee Cozy is very quick and easy to make, great for instant gratification and giving them as gifts! 

Who doesn’t love a fun project that can be given away? This one great because you can make several pretty quickly. 
View the Free Pattern 

Seasonal Crochet Mug Cozy Patterns

Christmas Tree Mug Cozy

by Cosy Rosie UK

This Christmas tree mug cozy uses a variation on tapestry crochet, combined with the mini bean stitch to create a festive cozy that’s just asking to keep that hot chocolate warm. 
View the free pattern 

Santa Mug Cozy

by Jo to the World

If you’re looking for a quick and easy crochet gift idea for Christmas, this Christmas Mug Cozy Crochet Pattern may become your go-to gift for everyone on your Christmas list.
View the free pattern 

Festive Mug Cozy

by The Crafty Therapist

It’s chilly outside and warm drinks are a must. 

Crank up the festive feels with a Christmas mug cozy complete with jingle bells. It works up quickly and makes a fun festive gift.
View the free pattern 

Santa Mug Cozy with Pocket

by Fosbas Designs

Crochet mug cozy has a pocket to keep that sppon handy to scoop up those melted marshmallows. 

Everyone loves a hot drink, and this festive cozy will help it stay warm for longer!
View the free pattern 

St. Patrick’s Day Mug Cozy

by Jo to the World

This St. Patrick’s Day Mug Cozy Crochet Pattern is a quick and easy crochet gift idea. 

It’s a simple and fast coffee/tea cozy (also called cosy or Koosie) and a great way to start celebrating St. Paddy’s Day!

View the free pattern 

I want to extend my gratitude to all of the designers who have kindly allowed me to include their beautiful designs in this round up of Crochet Snowman Patterns.

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15 Free Crochet Mug Cozy Patterns

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