Chevron Crochet Stitch

Simply by increasing and decreasing your crochet stitches, you can create a wonderful chevron crochet pattern. The chevron crochet stitch may look like an advanced crochet technique, but it’s actually an easy one to master and looks fabulous when used with multiple colour yarns to create a bolder statement! 

Chevron Crochet stitch pattern

How to a Crochet Chevron Pattern | Free Crochet Stitch Tutorial

Chevrons are one style they never loses its popularity and with the many different ways to create a crochet chevron, you’ll see a variety of different looks that can be created with this simple crochet technique.

This tutorial will show you how to crochet a chevron using a US Double crochet (UK Treble crochet) which is perfect for projects you’d like to see working up quickly. You will also see variations using the same stitch pattern but using stitches with a smaller height including single crochet stitches (UK double crochet stitches).

I’ve featured the Simple Chevron Crochet Stitch in one of the 3 cushions in the Springtime Cushion Collection and used 3 different Spring colours to crochet a bright cushion for my lounge.

The chevron crochet stitch can also be used to make so many other crochet projects such as blankets, garments and scarves! I’m just working on a skirt design that uses a variation of the crochet chevron that I can’t wait to share with you!

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Crochet Chevron Cushion

For this tutorial I used the following materials: 

You can use any yarn with the hook size as recommended on the yarn band.

How to Crochet the Chevron Crochet Stitch

This chevron crochet stitch is worked in multiples of 10 stitches, plus 1 extra stitch for the row. When starting the chain for the project you also need to add 3 chains for the turning chain.

  • Chain multiples of 10 plus 1, plus 3. In this tutorial we will make a chain of 24 to start our swatch.

The chevrons are created by increasing and decreasing regularly across the row. In this stitch pattern we will be using a Dc3Togto decrease our stitches. There is a full video tutorial below to take you through how to crochet the chevron crochet stitch pattern.

Chevron Crochet Stitch Pattern

This tutorial is written in US Terms:

Row 1: Chain 24, Dc in 4th chain from hook, Dc into next 3 chains. Dc3Tog across the next 3 chains. Dc into next 3 chains, work 3 Dc into the next chain, Dc into next 3 chains. Dc3Tog across the next 3 chains. Dc into next 3 chains, work 2 Dc in to last chain.

Ch24, Dc in 4th Ch from hook, *Dc in next 3 ch.

Dc3Tog across next 3 Ch. Yarn over insert hook, yarn over pull through 1st two loops – repeat over next 2 stitches

4 loops on hook, yarn over, pull through all 4 loops

pull through all 4 loops

Work 3 Dc into next Ch. Dc into next 3 chains

Repeat from * to last Ch, work 2 Dc in to last chain.

Optional – Change to contrasting colour

Row 2: Ch3, (counts as Dc), Dc in same stitch as Ch3, *Dc into next 3 chains. Dc3Tog across the next 3 chains. Dc into next 3 chains, work 3 Dc into the next chain, Dc into next 3 chains. Repeat from * to last chain. Work 2 Dc in to last chain.

Chevron Crochet Stitch

You can keep repeating row2 until your project has reached the size or length you’d like it to be, changing colours as frequently as you’d like!

You can change every row, every other row or work the stitch pattern all in one colour!

If you’d like to use this stitch in a crochet pattern – check out my Springtime Cushion Collection.

Chevron Crochet Stitch Tutorial
Chevron Crochet stitch pattern

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