Crochet Spike Stitch

The crochet spike stitch, sometimes called the single crochet spike stitch, is another easy crochet stitch used to add detail to a crochet pattern or worked as an edging to a crochet project. It is worked in exactly the same way as a single crochet (UK double crochet) but you insert your hook in row lower down that the stitch to be worked, creating a longer looking single crochet.

How to crochet spike stitch

How to crochet the Spike Stitch | Free Crochet Stitch Tutorial

It’s important to understand that the only difference between the single crochet (UK double) and the spiked stitch is that instead of inserting your hook under the loops of the next stitch in the row you are working, you insert your hook in the row below (or in the row directed in the pattern). You will still draw up the loop as normal, but you need to ensure you bring your hook up to the height of your current row.

The spike stitch can be worked into the row immediately below your current row, or several rows lower. The further down the row you insert your hook into, the longer the stitch will look.

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How to crochet Spike stitch

How to crochet Spike Stitch | Stitch Tutorial

You can play with the length of your spike stitches to create different patterns (as in the video tutorial) or you can alternate them with a normal single crochet (UK Double) as in the picture above. This makes a great edging to a crochet blanket. 

For this tutorial I used the following materials: 

You can use any yarn with the hook size as recommended on the yarn band.

To practice the spike stitch, we will be working into a small swatch of single crochet (UK double crochet).


US: Sp Sc – Spiked Single Crochet

UK: SP Dc – Spiked Double Crochet

You may also see the following abbreviations which will confirm which number row you will be inserting your hook. 

SP-2 – spike stitch 2 rows down

SP-3 – spike stitch 3 rows down

If the pattern you are following does not show any numbers next to the abbreviation, remember to read through the Pattern Notes to confirm what row to spike down to.

This tutorial is written in US terms and will have you practice spike stitches of different heights to create a spike stitch pattern.

For this tutorial we will begin with creating a small swatch of single crochet (UK double crochet):

Ch 10

Row 1: Sc in 2nd ch from hook, and in each ch across. Turn. (9)

Rows 2-4: Ch1, Sc in 1st and each stitch across. Turn. (9)

Change your yarn to a contrasting colour.

Row 5: Ch1, Sc into 1st st, SP Sc in next,

Change to contrasting colour, Ch1, Sc in 1st stitch

SP Sc into next stitch by inserting your hook 1 row below the loops for the stitch

Yarn over and draw up a loop to the height of the row. yarn over and pull through both loops

Row 5 Continued: SP-2 in next, SP Sc, Sc.

Insert hook 2 rows down (as indicated by needle)

Draw loop up to height of row, yarn over and pull through both loops

SP Sc in next, Sc into next

Row 5 Continued: SP Sc, SP-2, Sc in last stitch. Turn.

Spike Stitch crochet pattern

Keep Practicing!

To keep on practicing, you can change the yarn colour back to the 1st colour and crochet another 4 rows of single crochet and keep repeating Row 5. Or you can undo Row 5 and repeat it.

If you’d like to use the spike stitch in a crochet project, why not try the Linen Stitch Spike Scarf – Click here to see it in all its glory!

If you’re looking for another stitch to try, the Linen stitch is another variation on the single crochet.

How to crochet spike stitch

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