How to Treble Crochet UK (US – Double Crochet)

The Treble Crochet stitch, which is known as Double crochet in the US, is another of the basic stitches that is used very frequently! If you find the differences between the UK and US terms, click here to read more about the differences.

It’s such a versatile stitch which can be used so many ways, and you’ll see it used a lot in crochet patterns!

How to make a Double Crochet UK | How to Crochet for Beginners

Once you’ve made your foundation chain, and before you make your first stitch, you bring your yarn over the hook, from back to front and then insert your hook into the 3rd chain from the hook to begin your first treble crochet (Tr).

The chain worked before starting the second row for a Treble Crochet (double crochet) is a chain of 3.  You will be working into the stitches you made in the previous row by inserting your hook under booth loops of the stitch.

In some crochet patterns, you will ask you to work into only one or the other loops of the stitch which will be written like this: BLO or FLO, which means back loop only or front loop only. This will be made very clear in the pattern. If you don’t see anything about working into different loops, you can safely assume that you are working into the whole stitch. 

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How to Single Crochet

How to Treble Crochet (US Double Crochet)

For this tutorial I used the following materials: 

You can use any yarn with the hook size recommended on the yarn band. 



Treble Crochet – Tr


Double Crochet – Dc

Begin by making a slip knot and a chain of 15.

Row 1: Tr  in 3nd ch from hook, and in each ch across. Turn. (13)

1. Yarn over hook

2. Insert hook in the 3rd chain from hook

3. Yarn over and bring up a loop (3 loops on hook)

4. Yarn over and bring through first 2 loops on hook

5. Yarn over and bring through last 2 loops on hook

Repeat in each chain across

Row 2: Ch3, Tr in next and each st across. Turn. (13)

1. Ch3

2. Yarn over hook and insert into next st and repeat steps 3 to 5 above

Keep on practising

Keep Practicing!

You can repeat row 2 as many times as you like to keep practicing making the treble crochet stitch (US Double crochet).

How to crochet Double Crochet

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