14 Valentines Gift Ideas for Crafters

This collection of 14 Gift Ideas for crafters will have you gifting creative ideas to take their hobby to a whole new level! 

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Selecting the perfect gift for our crafty friends, loved ones and even ourselves, can be quite the challenge. From questioning if they would the like to try a new craft through to finding a gift that compliment their hobby. It can feel quite the minefield.

14 Gift Ideas for Crafters

I know that my handpicked selection of gifts will help you find the perfect gift, or be inspired where to look for it; whoever you’re buying for – even if it’s a little treat for you, you’ll find it here. 

From bespoke crochet hook storage and quirky tools they may not even know they need, to a personalised mug for their accompanying cuppa while they craft – its all here to discover!

Please note that some of the links in my blog are affiliate links. I may earn a small commission if you purchase via this links, but the price you pay is not affected.

14 Perfect Gift Ideas for Crafters

1. Rainbow Macramé Kit

Get them to try something new with this rainbow macramé kit! 

With 40 different shades to choose from and the letter box sized packaging makes it a great letterbox gift for adults and children alike.

From £19.95
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2. Ceramic Yarn Bowl

This is one item that every yarn enthusiast show own!

A yarn bowl prevents balls of yarn running all over the floor while they are being used and this is one of the most beautiful ones I’ve seen! 

From £50.70

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3. Handmade Crochet Hooks

If the one you love is a bit of magpie, they will love these glittery crochet hooks! 

You can also find a great selection of pretty stitch markers, another crochet essential that no one can ever have enough of! 

From £10.00 

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4. Drop Spindle Spinning Kit

Learn how to spin yarn with this beginner spinning kit. 

It comes complete with drop spinner, 10 different types of roving yarn and video tutorials on how to spin yarn. 


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5. Amigurumi Lion Crochet Kit

This complete crochet kit will have the gift receiving roaring with delight as they complete this king of the jungle! 


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6. Furls Crochet Hooks

These luxury crochet hooks are a dream for any crochet lover to work with! You can create your own gift sets with different sized hooks or simply purchase a gift voucher for your loved one to make their own choice.

From £49

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7. Furls Crochet Hook Stand

If the crafter in your life already owns a collection of Furls Crochet Hooks, why not help them display them (& show them off) with this handcrafted hook stand! 


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8. Craft Mugs

A perfect moment for me usually involves a cup of coffee and some crafting! 

This shop has a range of craft inspired ceramic mugs which are hand printed with meaningful messages.

From £10.95

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9. Yarn Sleeves

Yep, you heard me right, a yarn sleeve. It’s one of those craft tools that make crafting a pleasure! 

Designed to prevent centre pull yarn cakes and balls from collapsing as the amount of yarn remaining dwindles – everyone should own one! 

This shop has a multitude of prints to choose from! 


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10. Hand Dyed Yarn

There are some yarn masters out in the world, hand dying yarn in the most wonderful array of colours. The shade pictured is Unicorn Poop and it’s as magical as the name suggests! Available in lots of different weights from Sock to Super Chunky, Wildflower Yarn’s got you covered!

From £16.00

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11. Craft Inspired Jewellery

Silver Blueberry creates custom made jewellery including these crochet hook rings in precious metals. 

An utterly unique gift for any crafter.


Item Link 

12. Macramé Shelf Kit

This bestselling beginner friendly Macramé kit has everything you need to create this handmade shelf – a perfect space to store all those crafty bits and bobs!


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I’d love to know which is your favourite gift idea! 

Which one you’d love to receive yourself, and the one you may be feeling kind enough to gift to your loved ones!

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