Lion Brand Coboo Review

Find out everything you need to know about using Lion Brand Coboo yarn to crochet with; from what weight is Coboo Yarn, is Coboo soft and what Coboo yarn is good for. My review might surprise you!

Lion Brand Coboo Yarn Review

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Lion Brand Coboo | A Yarn Review

There are so many yarns out in the world and I’m sure, that just like me you would love the chance to try them all!

After a year of yarn shopping online, when I could access my local yarn shops I felt guilty about having a good squish, so I to a risk and was pleased that I was able to get this shipped to my door from LoveCrafts!

Linen Stitch Scarf

Why You Should Use Lion Brand Coboo!

I was inspired to try Coboo one of the pattern testers opted to use it and it created such a wonderful drape to her finished project that it put this yarn straight to the top of my list of yarns to try!

In this honest review, I’ll be sharing how easy it was (or not) to crochet with Lion Brand Coboo along with all the other pros and cons I found using it.

Yarn Specifics

  • Yarn Name: Lion Brand Coboo
  • Yarn Weight: 3 (light) DK
  • Ball Length: 212m /232 yds
  • Weight: 100g /3.5oz
  • Fibre: 50% Cotton, 50% Rayon from Bamboo
  • Care Instructions: Machine wash/dry

What Lion Brand Coboo is good for!

We are always searching for the right yarn for the right project and any time you’re making a project that calls for soft yarn, Coboo should be your go to!

The uses are endless and you can expect a great finished project when using Coboo.

I’ve just finished a brand new design using this super soft yarn and I can not wait to use it to make crochet baby blankets, more lacy cardigans, summer tops and garments along with lightweight hats and shawls for Autumn. This yarn is so versatile.

I’m already singing the praises for this delightful yarn, so lets keep things real, and start with the cons and negatives of Lion Brand Coboo. 

Things that you may not love | Is Coboo a NoBoo?

Splitting Yarn

One of the things that I keep hearing, which is considered a big negative about Coboo, is that the yarn is easily split.

This splitting of the yarn is caused by the way the plys of the yarn are wound together. Unlike acrylic yarns and other tightly wound yarns, the single stands are wound loosely, which means that it is, unfortunately easy to put your hook through the yarn or only catch 2 or 3 strands of the yarn when yarning over and crocheting quickly.

Like any new technique, tool or yarn we use in crochet, a little practice goes a long way!

I did have a few occasions when I didn’t quite catch all the stands when yarning over, and yes it was frustrating, but each time it was my fault.

Here are the 2 reasons why my Coboo Yarn was Splitting:

  1. Once or twice I had shifted the position of my hook in my hand which meant the hook wasn’t grabbing all the strands
  2. I was rushing – I crochet notoriously quickly and I catch my yarn whatever I’m using. With tightly wound acrylic, no problem! With loosely wound Coboo, I simply had to just be a bit more careful!

Colour Choices

There are 18 colours to chose from in Lion Brand Coboo and not everyone will like the shades available. For me, I love the shades on offer – especially the Mauve I have pictured. The colours are also as pictured which is not always the case when ordering on line.


Like many summer style yarns and cotton yarn, there are times when it can be more difficult to get hold of this wonderful yarn. But the good news is that it is stocked it lots of places!

This is an important one in the UK, as it appears that you need to check with different retailers to locate all the different colours. Lovecrafts stock a large number of the colours and Hobbycraft have lots available on their website too.

You can also get worldwide shipping directly from Lion Brand’s own website.

Things you’ll love about Lion Brand Coboo!

Soft and Silky!

One of the first things you will notice with this yarn is how soft and silky it is – it’s almost a satin feel! It’s also really great to use during hot weather!

I designed and made my Cold Shoulder Cardigan during a heatwave and no issues of the yarn catching in my sweaty fingers (TMI? Probably!)

Natural Fibres

I’m certain that the softness of Coboo yarn is a result of the 100% natural fibres used. It’s the perfect choice for those of us looking to be more eco friendly without the roughness of plain cotton!

The yarn is an even blend of 50% cotton and 50% rayon from bamboo and is a Size 3 (light) DK yarn and creates a lightweight crochet fabric – perfect for summer crochet tops and garments.

Pretty Pastels

There are 18 different colours available directly from Lion Brand, but in the UK you may have to try different retailers to get your hands on all the different shades. LoveCrafts stock my favourite shades – click here to see them all.

The colour I chose when making my design was Mauve, which is a beautiful dusty pink colour. I also have some white which is an amazingly bright white – I have a pattern in mind to use this with! 

Amazing Stitch Definition

This is the most important element of this yarn for me! When making garments and taking the time to use detailed and textured crochet stitch patterns, I want them to look amazing and for people to see all the detail in the stitches.

While I designed the Cold Shoulder Cardigan, I used 5 balls of Coboo, so it gave me plenty of time to work with the yarn and gave me the opportunity to swatch a number of stitches before starting my design! I tried a good few rows of single crochets, double crochet and a few other textured  stitch patterns.

Whatever stitch I used, I was super impressed with the stitch definition that the Lion Brand Coboo created as I worked up my project! 

Lion Brand Coboo Yarn Review

Would I Recommend Lion Brand Coboo?

I can genuinely say that I love Lion Brand Coboo!! I already have plans to it again for another project (or 5)!

The winning elements of this yarn have to be the beautiful stitch definition and the natural fibres which for my vastly outweigh the occasional splitting of the yarn. 

If you’ve never tried it, click the button below and head on over to Lovecrafts to get your hands on this silky, soft yarn.

Purchase Lion Brand Coboo 

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