Truboo Yarn Review – Lion Brand

Looking for an eco friendly yarn thats super soft, this is it! Truboo yarn from Lion Brand yarns is super soft, with a generous yarn length on the skiens, and a great Spring/Summer yarn for garments choice and accessories. Find out all there is to love and the little things to avoid with Lion Brand Truboo.

Truboo Yarn review

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Lion Brand Truboo – 100% Bamboo

This yarn has been on my to-crochet-with list for quite some time as I love trying different fibres and fibre blends.

Truboo yarn was originally launched back in spring 2020 and since it’s launch, has gained more popularity which lead to a variation of the yarn to be released – Truboo Sparkle.

Can this yarn be considered a best yarn to crochet with? Read on to find out…

Linen Stitch Scarf

Where to buy Lion Brand Truboo

This yarn is easy to get hold of wherever you are in the world – you can buy it directly from Lion Brand’s own website and it’s stocked in most online retailers within the US.

The UK will need to have it shipped from the USA but shipping prices are not unaffordable on and it’s stocked at Amazon UK with Prime shipping.

Lion Brand is an American brand and it’s stocked in all the leading craft stores including Joann and Michaels along with Walmart. 

First Impressions – Truboo Yarn

This yarn was kindly gifted directly from Lion Brand Yarn for me to create my Bittersweet Margaret Skirt for Crochet Fashion Week and when I opened up the HUGE box of squishy goodness, I was so amazed by how soft the Truboo felt.

Before requesting to use this yarn, I had studied various yarn reviews who advised that Truboo could split easily when used, but I was confident that with the right crochet hook I could use this yarn easily.

My confidence was bolstered by the fact that one of my pattern testers for the skirt had chosen to make her sample in Truboo – it looked beautiful and had to be recreated!

Truboo Yarn Crochet Pattern

I have to admit that my pattern commitments has meant that this yarn as been waiting to be used for a couple of months, but I have happily started to recreate the skirt and I couldn’t wait to share my experience of crochet with Truboo yarn.

What Weight is Truboo Yarn

Lion Brand Truboo | Yarn Specifics

Yarn Weight:

  • 3 (light) (UK-DK)

Ball Length:

241 yds / 220M

Ball Weight:

  •  100g /3.5oz

Yarn Fiber

  • 100% Rayon from Bamboo

Care Instructions:

  • Machine wash, cool, gentle setting, Lay flat to dry

Lasting Impressions

Truboo yarn is something a little special – I’m already a big fan of Coboo Yarn, but Truboo trumps the good qualities.

Having made some progress in re-making the skirt and creating some length of the skirt, the gentle sheen to the yarn creates an almost ethereal look to the yarn – bouncing a slight reflection of the light around it.

The drape created by Truboo is second to none and all without loosing the shape created in the crochet fabric.

The softness is retained when crocheted with. The fabric feels cool to touch which is simply ideal when creating those spring/summer garments. 

But, don’t limit this yarns use to just crochet clothes – it would make the most wonderful yarn to create accessories such as a silky purse, a droopy but cool summer hat to suggest a few.

I’m in love with this yarn, but it’s not without it’s challenges.

Things that you may not love about Truboo

Splitting Yarn

It can split – and easily too, BUT only if you work too quickly.

I am notorious for crocheting quickly – especially when I have a deadline looming to complete a project.

The silky, soft nature of this yarn means that you may need to adjust how you hold it to prevent splitting and ensure an even tension too.

This was the main reason I was splitting my yarn when I first started working with it.

With a simply adjustment to how I was holding the yarn and changing the crochet hook I used with the yarn prevented almost all of the splitting. 

Using a resin or wooden hook will slow down you stitching slightly and prevent the yarn slipping on the hook which will go a long way when first crocheting with this yarn.

This splitting of the yarn is caused by the way the plys of the yarn are wound together. Unlike acrylic yarns and other tightly wound yarns, the single stands are wound loosely, which means that it is, unfortunately easy to put your hook through the yarn or only catch 2 or 3 strands of the yarn when yarning over and crocheting quickly.

Like any new technique, tool or yarn we use in crochet,

a little practice goes a long way!

That’s the only thing I could find not to love about this yarn  – and it was my usage that cause the issue!

Colour Choices

There are 21 colours to chose from in the Truboo range; from cool pinks through to bright and summery oranges!

More Things to love about Lion Brand Truboo

Natural Fibres

I love the fact that this yarn is 100% Rayon from Bamboo. Knowing how fast growing bamboo is, reassures me that this yarn’s environmental impact is minimal compared to other fibres.

Amazing Stitch Definition

This is the most important element of this yarn for me! When making garments and taking the time to use detailed and textured crochet stitch patterns, I want them to look amazing and for people to see all the detail in the stitches.

Don’t forget that drape too! And the sheen!

Would I Buy Lion Brand Truboo?

I most definitely would!

I’m lucky enough to have some Truboo Sparkle in my stash that has my fingers itching to make a pretty summer top in it – it’s just a matter of time.

How can I refuse to create a garment knowing there will be that fabulous drape to it – it makes my handmade clothes look a million dollars!

Of course, I’d love it to be more budget friendly – it’s not overly expensive considering the quality, but rather than have it languishing in my stash, it would be a buy to use type of yarn for me.

Let me know if you’ve ever tried Lion Brand Truboo over in the Facebook Group.

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