23 Granny Square Stitch Crochet Patterns

We all love the traditional granny square – but there is so much more you can make with the granny square stitch, as this collection of 23 crochet patterns will show! From granny stitch crochet blankets, granny square wraps and bags, granny stitch shawls and more! 

23 Granny Square Stitch crochet patterns

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23 Granny Square Stitch Crochet Patterns | Granny Square Stitch

I have always loved granny squares but being a child of the 80’s, they had fallen out of favour by the time I started to really appreciate the traditional granny square.

There has been a big revival in all things granny square in crochet patterns, and my designs push the boundaries to make Make Granny Modern again!

According to Gathered.How, Granny Square Day is a celebration stared by Susan Regalia (@suregal27) on Instagram to bring crocheters around the world together!

The event is so big that she handed the event over to Simply Crochet Magazine to ensure that it continues to grow, year on year!

If you’ve moved beyond the basic granny square and are looking to get your hooks in to something a little more exciting, this collection of 23 granny square stitch crochet patterns is the perfect place to start!

Granny Square Stitch crochet patterns

Stitching with Granny Pattern Collection

This collection of patterns features 23 amazing designs from granny square stitch blankets, through to bags and granny square wraps and shawls. 

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23 granny square Stitch crochet patterns

This pattern collection is hosted within my membership area, you the patterns are safely stored and ready for you to view on the go, or download and print – wherever you are!

Grab your hooks and yarn, and make the most of the granny stitch today with these amazing designs! CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW TO GRAB YOUR COPY TODAY!

Granny Square Stitch Crochet patterns

A massive thank you to all the amazing crochet designers for including their patterns in this collection – I can’t wait to make them all!

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