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18 Free Granny Square Bag Patterns

Choose your next project from this selection of granny square bag patterns that you can recreate. Granny square bags remain popular as beginner friendly crochet project that give the appearance of a greater complexity that it takes to complete this project.

18 Free Granny Square Bag Patterns

Free Granny Square Bag Patterns

Crochet granny square bags remain popular as you can create them using scrap yarn to use up that stash or you can choose a planned colour project to match an outfit for a special occasion.

There are so many different bag types and styles that can be created using the humble granny square, but once you realise that ALL granny square bags are simple square placed in a particular order, the world opens up to creating bags with a huge variety of different granny square patterns.

How many granny squares do you need to make a bag?

The number of granny squares you’ll need will depend on the shape of bag you want to create. For a standard granny square tote bag that measures 13.5″ x 13.5″, you’ll need 18 squares that measure 4.5″ each. Squares that size work up super quickly – then they just need to me joined before adding a handle.

How to join granny squares for a bag?

There are many ways to join granny squares, the easiest is to use a single crochet (UK double crochet) join. For a more textured way to join your squares, the ZigZag join is one of my favourite way to join granny squares together.

Pin this Crochet Pattern Inspiration

How this free crochet pattern Round Up works:

Each photo represents a different crochet pattern that is ready for you to get stitching and the grop photos will be numbered to find the pattern links and details.

All of these crochet patterns are available to view for free on the designers website;  if you prefer to print your patterns, there will be a link to purchase the printable pattern from the designers pattern shop.

There will be a highlighted  link which will take you directly to designers website, so no faffing around trying to find the right link!

So, get scrolling and find your next scrap yarn project to stitch.

Granny Square Bag Patterns | Free Pattern Inspiration

Fun Crochet Granny Square Bag

by Annie Design Crochet

Whether you’re going to the beach, the park, or just running errands, this bag will add a touch of style and a HUGE splash of colour!

Striped Square Bag

by Jo to the World

With this Striped Squares Bag Crochet Pattern, you’ll have a stylish and practical accessory that’s sure to turn heads wherever you go!

free granny square bag pattern

Crochet Flower Granny Square Bag

by Selina Veronique

This Boho Sunburst Granny Square bag is a perfect make for summer!

Running Rings Around Granny Bag

by Cosy Rosie UK

Take the granny stitch for a spin, going from a circle to a square, in many different colours for a pretty tote bag

Crochet Bum Bag

By Nicki’s Handmade Crafts

This easy pattern tutorial will teach you how to create your very own crochet bum bag, combining fashion and functionality. 

Motif Market Bag

by A Crocheted Simplicity

This stunning motif creates a lacy bag that is a great project for every day use – click the button to see how fabulous it looks in blue!

Harmony Handbag

by Me ‘n’ My Hook

The Harmony Handbag pattern is a beginner crochet project.  Suitable for all levels of skill, this pattern uses all standard stitches and is a great opportunity to practice making different motifs

Crossbody Tote Bag

by Kirsten Holloway Designs

This gorgeous messenger-style crossbody crochet bag which is a mash-up of shabby-chic meets elegance with a functional buckle closure

Flower Granny Square Bag

by Jo to the World

If you’re looking to add a classic yet modern and absolutely gorgeous bag (with a touch of vintage charm) to your accessories collection, you’ll love this delightful Flower Granny Square Bag

Starburst Phone Sling

by Little World of Whimsy

The added granny square to this simple sling bag takes it from simply practical to very pretty.

Endless Summer Tote Bag

by Eye Love Knots

The square featured in this bag creates a unique texture that lifts the finished look of this crochet bag pattern.

Granny Merge Market Bag

by Me ‘n’ My Hook

The combination of the granny stitch with a solid square gives you this beautiful bag pattern that you’ll be proud to take to market with you.

Granny Square Clutch Bag

by Cosy Rosie UK

This quick project can be jazzed up with a unique handle, plus you can learn how add a zipper to your lined projects.

Colourful Square Bag

by Jo to the World

Grab your crochet hook and a rainbow of yarns and get ready to create your own masterpiece with this vibrant square tote pattern.

Free Crochet Drawstring Bag Pattern

by Banana Mood Studios

This simple 2 square bag is ideal for using for gifting and works up in next to no time!

Free Crochet Belt Bag Pattern

by Rows.of.Crochet

This granny square belt bag is created using just 3 squares and some extra accessories for a relaxed style.

Granny Heart Square Bag

by Lisa Auch Crochet

This cute bag uses a heart motif so you can share the love wherever you carry your purse!

Native Sun Square Bag

by Blackstone Designs

The added fringe creates a whimsical feel to a special granny square bag that will hold all your essentials.

I want to say a HUGE thank you to all the crochet designers who have allowed me to share their designs with you in this round up of granny square bag patterns.

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