5 Ways to Stop your Crochet Curling

If you’ve found your crochet curling at the edges, you’re not alone! It’s a common problem with some simple solutions to prevent your crochet edges curling. Find out the answer to “why is my crochet curing?” and “Why does my crochet get wavy?” along with the 5 ways to stop your crochet curling.

5 ways to stop your crochet curling

5 Ways to Stop Your Crochet Curling | Crochet Tutorial

The frustration with your crochet not laying the way you want it to is that your finished project will feel like a failure.

Below are the most common questions I hear about Lets explore some of the questions around why our crochet isn’t lying flat:

  • Is it normal for crochet to curl?
  • How do I get my crochet to lay flat?
  • Why does my crochet get wavy?

The issue with crochet curling is a common issue and can be experienced even by the most savvy crocheters (me included). Most usually there is an issue with tension where the stitches are worked too tightly. Wavy or ruffled crochet is stunning when its worked intentionally in a crochet project but, when your looking to crochet a flat circle or square, it can be very frustrating! But, it can be resolved.

Below you’ll find 5 simple ways to correct wavy or curling crochet along with how to get your crochet to lay flat.

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How to stop your crochet curling

How to stop your crochet curling:

1. Tension

One of the most common reasons for crochet curling is stitches that are too tight. This will also cause your crochet fabric to become stiff causing the curl. 

Simple ways to correct this issue: try using a larger hook size. Read more about how to adjust your tension – click here.

2. Tight Foundation Chain

I really lament on how important our starting chain is – its the foundation of almost every crochet project and if its not quite right, the whole project wont be right.

If your chain is too loose, your starting rows will create a wave as the stitches will pull the chain out of shape. If your chain is too tight,  and your stitches will cause your chain to bend or curl to create an arch.

Simple ways to correct this issue:  If you make your chain too tight, make your starting chain with a larger hook if then continue to make the remainder of the pattern in the suggested hook size. If your chains are too loose, keep practicing or try a smaller hook. In both instances I would recommend trying the chainless foundation technique.

3. Too Many or Not Enough Stitches

Stitch count is so important to prevent increasing or decreasing your stitch count by mistake. Just 1 extra stitch in a row or a round can have an impact. If you work an extra stitch in the middle of a row it can cause a slight wave. It might not be obvious straight away, but will show up a few rows on. Missing or adding a stitch on the edge will change the shape of the project causing the blanket to go wonky.

Simple ways to correct this issue: Count after every row – if in doubt, double check.

How to stop your crochet curling

4. Blocking

Most people avoid blocking as it’s not the most fun way to spend your time. Blocking can transform your finished project and although it does add a little time to finishing the project, it can resolve a lot of curling issues.

Simple ways to block your finished project:

  1. Check the yarn label to ensure its safe to wet your project
  2. Dampen your project by either submersing in water or spraying lightly (I use a spray bottle)
  3. Pin your project out on a board or foam sheets (I use a yoga mat)
  4. in the finished size/shape you want
  5. using rust proof pins
  6. Leave to dry for 24 hours
  7. Unpin and enjoy your project with no curled edges.

Click here to find out more about how to block your crochet project

5. Trust your Skills

Sometimes, your curl doesn’t need to be cured. Some projects just start out curly! The bigger it get and as you work more rows, it just straightens itself out.

If you know you tension is correct, your foundation chain wasn’t to loose or too tight, and you’re certain your stitch count is correct, keep on going.

Blocking your project will sort out the rest.

So, 5 simple ways to stop your crochet curling – Let me know which ones work for you!

5 ways to stop your crochet curling

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