Crochet Blanket Size Chart

Everyone loves a crochet blanket and knowing what size chain to make for your blanket is a common question that unfortunately, doesn’t have a simple answer. What you will find below is a crochet blanket size chart that shows the most common blanket sizes from baby blanket sizes, toddler and children’s blanket sizes, throw sizes, and the blanket sizes for beds, which includes the drape over the edge.

Crochet blanket

Crochet Blanket Size Chart | Free Crochet Tutorial

The finished size of a blanket isn’t just related to the length of your starting chain. You will also need to take into account the size of the yarn you are using, the hook size you’re working with and your own tension.

For example, a starting chain of 40 made with a 4mm hook and a DK weight yarn would create a much smaller blanket than a chain of 40 made with chunky yarn and a 7mm crochet hook.

The best thing about crochet blankets is that you can make yours any size you want! You don’t even need to follow the super handy blanket size chart I’ve created below, but there are some other techniques you can use to work out what size your blanket will be.

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Crochet Chevron Cushion

The simplest way to check what size your blanket will be, is to measure the size of the chain you’ve made. It’s worth noting that your chain length will change a little once you’ve started working stitches into it, so give it a light stretch when you’re measuring it.

The chart below will give you an estimate as to how long your chain should be for the blanket size you want to crochet. 

Factor in the Stitch Multiple

It’s important to be aware of the multiple of the stitch pattern you want to follow. For example, if you wanted to make a blanket using the Long Wave stitch, you would need to ensure that the number of chains you have is a multiple of 14, plus 1 and 1 more for the foundation chain. Or if you wanted to make a blanket in Linen Stitch, you would need to make a chain of multiples of 2 plus 1 for the foundation chain.

If you want to ensure the exact finished size of your blanket, you will need to make a gauge swatch with the yarn and hook you have chosen, and calculate your starting chain based on the number of stitches within your 4 inch/10cm square. 

One final thing to note is whether you want to add a border to your blanket as this will add both width and length onto your finished blanket. Click here to see my 5 favourite crochet boarders.

Once you’ve created your gauge swatch, and chosen the crochet border you’d like to use. Crochet the edging on to your tension square and measure how big the edging is, subtract that from the length and width of your blanket. Or, to keep it super simple, just know that your blanket will be a little bigger once you’ve added the border to it.

If you’re ready to get making your blanket, select from the blanket size chart below and get started! 

Crochet Blanket Size Chart

Crochet Blanket Size Chart

If you’re looking for some inspiration to make your own crochet blanket, why not try these blanket patterns:

C2C Granny stitch blanket

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Crochet Blanket Size Chart
Crochet Blanket Size Chart

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