Free Crochet Hat Size Chart

Learn how to crochet a simple beanie in any size from crochet preemie hats through to an easy women’s adult beanie using this printable crochet hat size chart. Whether you want to crochet an easy chunky crochet beanie with a 6mm hook or create a worsted crochet hat pattern with a 5mm hook, with this size chart you can ensure that your beanie will fit! 

Crochet hat size chart

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Crochet Hat Size Chart | Free Beanie Size Chart

Easy crochet beanies are quick to work up, but we’d still rather make sure that even them smallest amount of time spent crocheting will ensure that we have a hat that fits at the end of the project!

I’m so excited to share my crochet hat size chart with you as it’s the easiest way to create easy crochet beanies using any weight yarn that actually fit!

Crochet beanies were one of the first things I started to sell in my Etsy shop and at craft fairs. But, like many people I sometimes found find that once I had finished my hat, it was too big or too small! In fact, I’m yet to meet someone who hasn’t on one occasion, finished making a beanie to find that it’s too big or too small for the wearer.

Whether you want to crochet an easy chunky crochet beanie with a 6mm hook or create a worsted crochet hat pattern with a 5mm hook, the Crochet Beanie Size Chart e-book has everything you need to make a crochet beanie with any sized yarn and any stitch you choose! Keep on reading to find out how to get your free copy of the E-Book!

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How to Measure for a Crochet Hat

The sizes charts in the How to Make a Beanie in Any Size e-book work on the average head size for different age groups. If you are making a beanie as a gift, follow the sizes as per the age of the person receiving your lovely handmade gift.

However, if you have access to the beautiful head you are making the beanie for, here’s how to measure to ensure the best fit:

To ensure your handmade crochet hat will fit, you will need 2 measurements:

Head circumference:

  • Wrap a measuring tape around the head, going around the widest point that the hat will sit and across the forehead.

Hat Length:

  • Measure from the centre of the crown to the bottom of the ear (or to where you want the hat to sit on the ear)

Once you have these measurements, you can compare them to the size chart to find the age/size you need to make.

If you find the measurements are in between the sizes in the chart below, I’d recommend rounding up for the head circumference and rounding down for the length.

Crochet hats are notoriously known for being stretchy, which is great for pulling hats down over ears to keep them toasty, but there is never enough stretch on a tightly fitting hat to make it comfortable!

Top Down or Bottom Up | Different Ways to Crochet a Beanie

Once you have the measurements or the size for the age you are making, you need to decide which way you are working your beanie.

The two main ways to work any crochet beanie is from:

  • Top Down
  • From the crown down to the brim
  • Worked in the round
  • Bottom Up
  • Working from the brim up to the crown
  • Can be worked either:
  • In rows to create a rectangle which is seamed
  • In the round by joining the chain to form a ring
Bottom Up Crochet Beanie Pattern

How to Crochet a Bottom Up Beanie

To crochet a bottom up hat, you use the head circumference and make a foundation chain that is the same length as the recommended head circumference in the Standard Crochet Hat Size Chart in the e-book.

You then work in rows or side to side to create a rectangle that is seamed.

If you would like to use a different stitch pattern to one of the basic crochet stitches, you will need to ensure that the number of chains you made to the head circumference is divisible by the stitch count needed.

For example: Bottom Up Hat for a child sized hat using the V-Stitch.

The chain needs to measure 18 inches to match the head circumference.

The v-stitch has a stitch multiple of 2, plus an extra 3 chains for the foundation chain:

  • Your chain of 32 measures 18 inches
  • 32 chains, divided by the stitch multiple = 16 V-Stitch
  • You then need to add an extra 3 for the foundation chain.
  • You would need a total of 35 chains to work this stitch in a rectangle.

If you’d like to try making a Bottom Up Hat using a different stitch, why not try my Beautiful Beans Beanie. It uses the Elizabeth Stitch (also known as the mini bean stitch).

How to Crochet a Top Down Beanie

To crochet a top down hat, you simply create a flat circle, and increase your stitches in each round until you reach the recommended crown diameter for the use you are making.

Once you have reached the crown diameter, you will work into each stitch around in the rows with no further increases. This will bring the sides of the hat down and begin to add the length to your hat. Continue adding rows until you have reached the recommended hat length for the size you are making.

Make your own top down beanie with this Easy Crochet Beanie Pattern.

Make a Crochet Beanie with Any Yarn and Any Stitch

Within the Crochet Beanie Size Chart chart, you can simply grab any sized yarn you have along with the corresponding hook size and make a chain to the head circumference or make a circle to the recommended crown diameter.

 It’s that simple!

The only challenge you may find is using more complex stitch patterns with varying stitch multiples or adding a ribbed brim for a snugger fit around the forehead. But, if you simply want a pretty but simple crochet beanie, pick one of the basic crochet stitches, grab that yarn and hook and get making!

FREE Crochet Hat Size Chart

How to crochet an easy beanie hat

Free Crochet Beanie Patterns

I can only imagine you are chomping at the bit to get started on making a crochet beanie for everyone in your family knowing that they will all fit perfectly!

Try these Free Crochet Beanie Patterns:

Bottom Up Beanie – Beautiful Beans Beanie

Top Down Beane  Easy Basic Beanie

Side to Side – Easy Ribbed Beanie

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