Popcorn Stitch – How to Crochet

Learn how to crochet a popcorn stitch with this video and photo tutorial. The popcorn stitch adds a whole new dimension in your crochet projects. 

You can make great borders with this bobbly stitch and they look great when grouped together on hats, scarves and sleeves. 

The popcorn stitch is similar to a shell stitch but you removed your hook to group them together. Don’t worry, it’s perfectly safe to take your hook out. 

How to crochet a Popcorn Stitch (POP)

Grab any yarn with an appropriate hook to match, a 4mm hook and some DK yarn would be great.

Begin by making a chain with an odd number. As we are adding a border of double crochet on each side, this swatch begins with an even number. 

Begin Swatch

Row 1: Chain 12, Dc in 2nd chain from hook and each chain across. Turn (11 Double crochet)

Popcorn Stitch

Row 2. Ch1, Dc into 1st stitch. 

  • 4Tr in next st (work 4 Treble crochet into next stitch),
  • Pull up you hook and remove hook from last stitch made
  • Count back across the 4 Trebles made and insert your hook in the top of the 1st Treble you made
  • Insert your hook into the large loop you created when you removed your hook, and gently pull on your working yarn to tighten around your hook
  • Bring the 1st loop on your hook through the 1st Tr stitch on your hook. 

*Dc into next stitch, Pop in next st*. Repeat between * and * 3 times. Dc in last stitch. Turn. (6 Dc, 5 Pop)

Row 3. Dc into 1st and each stitch across. Turn (11)

Row 4. Repeat row 2. 

My Popalicious Crochet Cushion cover pattern really makes the most of the popcorn stitch along with other textured crochet stitches to create a varied texture. When made with contrasting colours, it really stands out! 

Click here to vew the Popalicious Crochet Cushion Cover!

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