Crochet Tea Cosy and Coaster Tea Set

This will be your go to Crochet Tea Cosy pattern! It’s super quick to work up using double knit yarn and a size 4mm crochet hook! It makes the most of the granny cluster stitch, creating a striking pattern when made with different colours in each round. It’s also a bit of a stash buster, as it only requires a small amount of yarn.  

Crochet Tea Cozy and Coaster Tea Set

The Running Rings Tea Cosy pattern is now available to view for free on the website – click the button to view the full pattern and YouTube VideoView the Running Rings Tea Cosy Pattern 

Crochet Tea Cosy Pattern

Nothing is more comforting than a good old cup of tea – it really can solve all your problems! I strongly believe that it should be served properly; from a warmed pot. 

And what better to keep the pot warm than a snazzy, kitsch, tea cosy!  

The matching coaster design will adds a special something when serving tea to those that you love and make a great gift too! Again, the pattern works up quickly and features a detailed photo tutorial to help you complete both the projects. 

Afternoon Tea is an Institution!

Us Brits are well know for loving our tea (although I actually prefer coffee!). But I think the thing are more well known for is how we serve our tea! 

Alongside our Tea Cosy’s and coasters, we like to make a meal of it; lashing of milk and cake on the side with a big serving of  the most important element? Time! 

Time to enjoy a sip of a well brewed tea surrounded with our friends and family. The memories of my most loved cups of tea are almost always with my mum. Where we would sit and chat about nothing particular and maybe have a naughty little dunk of a biscuit or 10. 

Crochet Tea Cosy

I’d love to know who you most enjoy sharing a cuppa with and your favourite tea memories. And who you would make a Crochet Tea Cosy for. Share with me in the comments below. 

If you want to take your table setting to the next level, Click Here to make your own jam jar cosy with my FREE tutorial 

Don’t forget to share your completed tea cosy’s with me over on Instagram or Facebook @CosyRosieUK

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