Spiral Crochet Bunting Pattern Free

Learn how to crochet spiral crochet triangles and how to assemble them to create your own crochet bunging with this free crochet pattern.

Spiral Crochet Bunting free pattern

Spiral Crochet Bunting | Free Crochet Pattern

I created this spiral crochet bunting with Springtime in mind – daydreaming about getting back in the garden and celebrating all the Spring has to offer.

You can choose you own colour theme from using 3 of your favourite colours through to creating your own rainbow! 

This pattern is great for using up scrap yarn, as you only need 21 meters in total for each flag. 

Once again, I was using up some left over aran/worsted weight yarn I left over from designing the Hodgepodge Granny Square Blanket.

I love that this bunting can be styled in the same colours as my blanket, as this bunting will look great strung along my shelves (once they are finished)

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Spiral Crochet Bunting Free Pattern

Unlike the flags created in my Mini Crochet Bunting or the Easy Summer Bunting, this free crochet triangle pattern is worked in rounds, from the centre out. 

All 3 colours are worked within each round – but, it’s much easier than it sounds. There is a photo tutorial and a video tutorial to help you complete each step of this crochet bunting pattern.

I really love working my crochet in this spiral effect and have a few other patterns that you can follow to recreate this look. Check out the images below – click the photo you’d like to make to find the free pattern.

All the patterns above use the same technique used in this crochet bunting patterns, of working more than one colour yarn in the same round,  but each pattern uses a different number! 

It’s such a fun technique and is really quick to work up.

Purchase the Printable PDF Pattern

The Spiral Springtime Bunting is quick and easy make pattern to make and will add some fun décor to any room or garden! If you prefer to work from a printed pattern, you can get an AD-FREE, printable PDF   version from your favourite retailer

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Crochet Bunting Free Pattern

How to crochet bunting – Spiral Triangles

Spiral Crochet Bunting Pattern


  • Any Worsted/Aran yarn in 3 different shades
  • 21m for each flag and 15m per tassel
  • I used Paintbox Yarns Simply Aran, 100% acrylic (100g / 3.5oz, 184m / 201yds) in the following shades
  • A – Pale Lilac (245)
  • B – Banana Cream (220)
  • C – Ballet Pink (252)
  • 5mm Crochet Hook
  • Scissors
  • Tapestry needle
  • Stitch markers

Click here to purchase your yarn from Lovecrafts


US Terms (UK in brackets)

St(s)  – Stitches

Ch – Chain

Sl st – Slip stitch

Sc (Dc) – Single Crochet (Double Crochet)

Dc (Tr) – Double crochet (treble crochet)

Pattern Notes

  • Read through entire pattern before beginning. Please email [email protected] if you need assistance
  • This pattern in worked in a spiral without joining, using a stitch marker is highly recommended to mark 1st stitch of round and move up as worked.
  • Please be aware of colour change indications – the color changes are NOT made at the start of the round.
  • To change colour, pull up a large loop after last stitch (or secure with stitch marker), place loop of next colour on hook and continue in next stitch.

Finished Size:

  • 5″ triangle plus 3″ tassel
  • 45″ legnth for 7 flag bunting


  • Not essential for this pattern.

How to make a Spiral Crochet Triangle

Make 7

Round 1: With A. ch 4, sl st to 1st to form ring, *ch 3 (counts as dc), 3 dc in ring, place marker in working loop, join next colour. Repeat from * with B and C (3 dc in each colour)

*Note – Each color will have marker placed in last st worked to hold, while continuing on with next color.

Round 2: With A, *dc in next, (2dc, ch 2, 2dc) in next, dc in next, leave remaining st unworked, place marker in working loop, pick up next colour. Repeat from * with B and C. (6 dc, 1 ch-2 sp per colour)

Spiral Crochet Bunting Pattern

Round 3: With A, *dc in next 4 sts, (2dc, ch 2, 2dc) in ch-2 sp, dc in next 2 sts, leave remaining st unworked. Repeat from * with B and C. (10 dc, 1 ch-2 sp per colour)

Spiral Crochet Triangle

Round 4: With A, *dc in next 7 sts, (2dc, ch 2, 2dc) in ch-2 sp, dc in next 3 sts, leave remaining st unworked. Repeat from * with B and C. (14 dc, 1 ch-2 sp per colour)

Round 5: With A, *dc in next 10 sts, (2dc, ch 1) in ch-2 sp, 2sc around post of last dc made, sc in same ch-2 sp as last 2dc, sl st in next, fasten off; Repeat from * with B and C. (12 dc, 1 ch-1. 3 sc, per colour)

Weave remaining ends.

Continue to How to Make a Tassel

How to crochet a spiral triangle

How to make a tassel

Make 7

  • Holding 1 of each strand of colour, wrap around a hardback book 15 times (total of 45 strands wrapped around)
  • With a separate strand of matching yarn, secure through all strands tightly with a double knot
  • Cut all strands at end opposite to secured strands
  •  With another length of corresponding yarn, tie around all the yarn strands 1 inch down from where yarns are secured
  • Trim ends of the tassel to a similar length
  • Secure to bottom of triangle flag

Continue to Joining Flags

How to Join the Flags

Joining Flags

Ensure flags are right side facing:

Row 1: With C3. Join yarn in 1 sc after any corner ch 1, *ch 1, sc in each st across to end, skip ch 1, sc in next after ch 1, sl st through next triangle in sc after any corner ch 1; repeat from * adding the next triangle until each is joined.

Join a strand of yarn in first and last triangle corner to hand if required.

Made it?

Yay!! Well done – wasn’t that fun?

What colours will you make your next Spiral Crochet Coaster Pattern will you make?

Come on over to the Facebook group and share your finished project photo by clicking here.

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