15 Free Crochet Snowflake Patterns

Choose from these 15 free crochet snowflake patterns so you don’t have to wait for the weatherman to create a Snowy Holiday, you can stitch your own! You’ll find crochet snowflake motifs through to crochet snowflake blankets to snuggle up in.

15 Free Crochet Snowflake Patterns

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15 Snowflake Crochet Patterns | Festive Inspiration

Put your crochet skills to use for the holidays and create something special for your home.

In this crochet pattern round up, you’ll find delicate decorations through to snuggly penguins to stitch up while you keep warm at home.

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15 Free Crochet Snowflake Patterns

How this free crochet pattern Round Up works:

Each photo represents a different crochet pattern that is ready for you to get stitching! All of these crochet patterns are available to view for free on the designers website;  if you prefer to print your patterns, there will be a link to purchase the printable pattern from the designers pattern shop.

There will be a button which will take you directly to designers website, so no faffing around trying to find the right link!

So, get scrolling and get stitching with the pattern you want to use make your favorite crochet snowflake pattern.

Crochet Heart Snowflake

by Golden Lucy Crafts

This crochet Heart Snowflake pattern is a beautiful romantic design.

Don’t just use it for the holidays – that heart motif lends itself to other loveable celebrations too – think winter weddings and snowy Valentines day. 
View the Free Pattern 

Let it Snow Blanket

by Briana K Designs

The calm and silence of a gentle snowstorm is so magical.

This stunning blanket and cushion are perfect projects for the colder days, and even better to wrap yourself up in once finished. View the Free Pattern 

Snowflake Crochet Coaster

by Divine Debirs

Add a touch of snow to your table top with these stunning crochet snowflake coasters. 

This free pattern makes the most of chain spaces, to create a detailed look. 
View the free pattern 

Snowflake Tapestry Pouch

by Nicki’s Homemade Crafts

Learn how to tapestry crochet and create this stunning pouch, perfect to store your crochet notions or to gift to those that you love. 
View the Free Pattern 

Crochet Tiny Snowflakes

by Golden Lucy Crafts

This crochet snowflake is only about 1” (2 -1/2 cm) in diameter, it is made from cotton thread size 20 and I used hook size 9/1.25 mm.

These small crochet snowflakes would be perfect for card making or scrapbooking!
View the Free Pattern 

Snowflake Penguin Pal

by Divine Debris

This adorable pengiun pattern can be used to create a snuggable stuffy, or even created in to a purse for those little penguin lovers out there!
View the Free Pattern 

Crochet Snowflake

by Crochet Fosbas

What better way to decorate the tree than with crochet snowflakes?

This pattern is written in 3 different sizes that you can view on the link. 
View the Free Pattern 

Snowflake Granny Square

by Cosy Rosie UK

This granny square pattern uses spike stitches to create a snowflake detail – make 12 of these squares to create a wintery blanket. View the Free Pattern 

Snowflake Square

by Green Fox Farms Designs

This cute tapesty crochet snowflake square can be used to create cushions and more.

Find the details of a previous event this square featured in when you click the button. 
View the Free Pattern 

Snowflake Hexagon Crochet Blanket

by Brianna K Designs

This hexagon blanket is worked in pieces before joining to create a stunning blanket. 

This blanekt is worked up in just 2 colours, using the mosaic crochet technique. 
View the free pattern 

Easy Crochet Snowflake

by Nickis Handmade Crafts

This beginner friendly crochet pattern creates a simple crochet snowflake to be proud of! 

Plus, the snowflake is completed in just 5 rounds making it a super quick make. 
Find out more 

Snowflake Stocking Hat

by Divine Debris

This snowflake stocking hat is a perfect fit for those wintery walks. 

The colours used in the designers project are the perfect choice too.View the Free Pattern 

Snowflake Wall Hanging

by Blue Star Crochet

The simplicity of this crochet snowflake is that it only consists of 4 rounds. 

It works up super fast and you can make the whole wall hanging in just a couple of days!How to get the pattern 

Quilt-Look Snowflake Granny Square Blanket

by Brianna K Designs

Wrap yourself up in cozy comfort with our handmade quilt-inspired blanket! Each square is crafted with a unique combination of colorful yarns, some with one yarn color and others divided between two yarn colors.

When arranged together, they create a stunning color block pattern that’s sure to turn heads.
View the Free Pattern 

I want to extend my gratitude to all of the designers who have kindly allowed me to include their beautiful designs in this round up of Crochet Snowman Patterns.

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15 Free Crochet Snowflake Patterns

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