50+ Free Scrap Yarn Crochet Projects

Whatever amount of scrap yarn you have, scroll through over 50 scrap yarn crochet projects and get inspired to use it up.

Free Scrap Yarn Crochet Patterns | Free Pattern Inspiration

It’s easy to build up a stash of scrap yarn, those ends of balls of yarn, the longer strands left overs from joining your projects – they are all useful, but knowing what to make with them can be overwhelming.

I’ve gathered together over 100 projects that can be used to bust that stash and use up your scrap yarn but to keep it easy to select what to make, the projects are divided up into the weight of the yarn you have to use.

You’ll find 5 different categories:

  • Less than 100g of yarn
  • 100-200g of yarn
  • 200- 300g of yarn
  • 300-400g of yarn
  • 400g plus of yarn

Get scrolling through the ultimate scrap project inspiration and find your next way to use up your stash!

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How this free crochet pattern Round Up works:

Each photo represents a different crochet pattern that is ready for you to get stitching and the grop photos will be numbered to find the pattern links and details.

All of these crochet patterns are available to view for free on the designers website;  if you prefer to print your patterns, there will be a link to purchase the printable pattern from the designers pattern shop.

There will be a highlighted  link which will take you directly to designers website, so no faffing around trying to find the right link!

So, get scrolling and find your next scrap yarn project to stitch.

Less than 100g of yarn Crochet Scrap Projects

Crochet Ice Pop

by Raffmusa Designs

This pattern can be recreated in any yarn weight and only requires scrap amounts of 3 colours to create this adorable Ami project.

Love Bug Lip Balm Cosy

by Start Crochet

These adorable lip balm holders are one of the cutest ways to gift using your scrap yarn.

  1. Crochet Velvet Scrunchie by Start Crochet
  2. Crochet Butterfly by Zamiguz
  3. Quick Crochet Dice Bag by Crafting Each Day
  4. Crochet Dishcloth pattern by Golden Berry
  5. Crochet Whale Applique by Jenny & Teddy

Happy Scrappy Mandala Crochet Coasters!

by Hooked on Patterns

I love creating crochet coasters and this quick to make pattern is a great way to use up scraps of different colours.

Hibiscus Bookmark

by Simply Melanie Jane

Combine your love of flowers and reading with your crochet skills to stitch up this stunning book mark.

Round Headphone Covers

by GoldenBerry

We love a practical pattern that adds a nod to the handmade life we lead and these headphone covers are super cute.

Got lots of colours to use up? Work each round in a different colour to make it even more fun!

  1. Rainbow Purse by Hooked on Patterns
  2. Crochet Soap Saver by Zamiguz
  3. Bobble Crochet Coaster by Cosy Rosie UK
  4. Small Crochet Gift Bag by Crafting Each Day
  5. Floral Crochet Face Scrubby – by Jenny and Teddy

Granny Stash Buster Cup Cosy

by The Crochet Fix

Learn the Join as you Go method using this fab scrap project that uses just 2 granny squares to create a cute cup cosy.

Got lots of colours to use up? Work each round in a different colour to make it even more fun!

  1. Rainbow Purse by Hooked on Patterns
  2. Crochet Soap Saver by Zamiguz
  3. Bobble Crochet Coaster by Cosy Rosie UK
  4. Small Crochet Gift Bag by Crafting Each Day
  5. Floral Crochet Face Scrubby – by Jenny and Teddy
  1. Tunisian Crochet Flower by Bluestar Crochet
  2. Crochet Spiral Coaster by Hooked on Patterns
  3. Crochet Ripples Book Mark by My Crochet Space
  4. Mini Callopi Granny Square by Best Crochet Life
  5. Crochet Car Coasters by T and D Crafters

Scrappy Bracelet

by Golden Berry

Use your scrap and make yourself a stunning and stylish bracelet and use your scrap at the same time!

  1. Flower Power Coasters by The Crochet Fix
  2. Cotton Grass Wash Cloth by Cosy Rosie UK
  3. Daybreak Coaster by Best Crochet Life
  4. Crochet Bunny Worry Worm by Start Crochet
  5. Crochet Scrunchies by Zamiguz

100-200g of yarn Crochet Scrap Projects

Scandi Stash Buster Beanie Hat

by Dora Does

The Scandi Stash Buster Beanie is a free, easy top-down crochet bobble hat pattern which can be made in a variety of colours and patterns to use up left over yarn.

  1. Floretta Summer Bag by Hooked on Patterns
  2. Freda Cowl by Crafting Each Day
  3. Herringbone Fingerless Gloves by My Crochet Space
  4. Water Bottle Holder by Start Crochet
  5. Honeycomb Beanie Pattern by Hooked on Patterns

Crochet Bath Mitt

by Blue Star Crochet

Use up your stash and make something for yourself? That’s a big tick from me!

I love making projects that make bath time more spa-like

Cat Amigurumi Pattern

by DIY Fluffies

OMG! I can’t deal with the cuteness!

As you can see in the photo, you can use any weight yarn and the finished size will adjust

  1. Twisted Crochet Headband by Zamiguz
  2. Crochet Water Bottle Cover by Blue Star Crochet

Magic Square Pot Holder

by Raffmusa Designs

Create a origami pot holder, which is named after the way the crochet is folded to create a practical kitchen essential.

200-300g of yarn Crochet Scrap Projects

Running Rings Tea Cosy

by Cosy Rosie UK

Use up that scrap and create something snazzy for the kitchen with this free crochet tea cosy pattern.

Mens Crochet Cowl

by My Crochet Place

This pattern will use up your yarn as you master an intermediate crochet level stitch – and just look at what you’ll make!

  1. Free Crochet Basket Pattern by Simply Melanie Jane
  2. Crochet Easter Basket by Blue Star Crochet
  3. Pumpkin Spice Scarf by Raffmusa Designs
  4. Granny Square Bag by Simply Melanie Jane
  5. Tweed Mens Crochet Scarf by My Crochet Space

Anna’s Mandala

by Best Crochet Life

Is there a better use of our scrap than stitching up a stunning mandala? This one features textured stitches and changing colour in every row just highlights all the different stitches!

  1. Tweedy Crochet Scarf by Crafting Each Day
  2. Crochet Snake by Cuddly Stitch Crafts

Stash Busting Set

by Dora Does

This matching set can use up lots of yarn while you create those cold weather accessories that people love to wear

400g+ Scrap Yarn Projects

Hodgepodge Blanket

by Cosy Rosie UK

There are 30 different blanket square designs used in this blanket, and ideal way to stitch up a fun blanket and learn new stitches as you use up your stash!

Rainbow Granny Square Blanket

by Raffmusa Designs

This blanket features 14 different granny square variations – and creates a stunning blanket that looks create when worked in multiple colours.

Summer Crochet Throw

by My Crochet Space

This blanket is worked in rows and it creates a stunning project – especially with those gorgeous tassels!

Wolf Canyon Cardigan

by Simply Melanie Jane

This stunning cardigan is an ideal scrap garment project – with pockets!

What more could you ask for

I want to extend my gratitude to all of the designers who have kindly allowed me to include their beautiful designs in this round up of this scrap projects – what a great bunch!

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