How to attach a dowel to a crochet wall hanging

Learn how to attach a dowel to a crochet wall hanging using either of these 2 techniques to complete your wall hanging and hang it with pride, knowing it is secure.

Granny Circle to Square Wall Free Hanging Pattern

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How to add a dowel to your crochet project | Stitch Tutorial

This tutorial will show to 2 different ways to attach a wooden dowel to your finished crochet wall hanging.

The 2 different way’s can be applied to other projects that require something to be attached to the project, such as handles to a bag.

The 2 different techniques to attach a dowel to your projects are:

  1. Sewing the dowel on
  2. Using Single crochet stitches to attach the dowel.

Both techniques work well in creating a secure way of attaching the dowel to your project. Read on for the photo tutorial on how to attach.

Pastel colour Granny Circle to Square Wall Free Hanging Pattern

Where to use this technique?

There are number of Cosy Rosie UK Patterns that you can use these 2 way’s to attach your dowel in including:

Colours to use Granny Circle to Square Wall Free Hanging Pattern

How to Attach a Dowel to a Crochet Project

How to Sew on a Dowel

This technique is the least fiddly but if you are working to join the dowel to a large project, it can feel like it takes a long time. With a standard square project, it’s quick and easy to do.

This technique is usually worked with the right side of your project facing you.

Materials Needed:

  • Yarn – quite a long length
  • Darning needle

How to attach a dowel using Single Crochet

This technique uses the single crochet stitch to attach the dowel by working through the stitch on your project and around the dowel to join the.

Personally, I prefer the finished look of this technique, but it can feel awkward and fiddly as you need to hold the project and the dowel at the same time as your yarn. 

This technique can be worked with either the right side or the wrong side facing which changes the finished look of the project.

If you want to see the top of the single crochet on the top of your project, you would work with the right side facing you.

Materials Needed:

  • Yarn – leave the yarn attached to the ball as you will need a lot more than for sewing
  • Corresponding hook size for the yarn being used to attach
  • Darning needle for weaving in ends

How to add Hanging Strand to Dowel

  • Tie yarn onto one end of dowel
  • working over the tail of the yarn, wrap the yarn around the end
  • Secure the tail to the yarn with a knot
  • Create the length of string – remember that yarn does stretch
  • Wrap yarn around other end of dowel
  • cut yarn leaving a tail
  • Secure tail yarn by creating a knot
  • Feed tail yarn through wrapped yarn and tie to hanging strand
  • Feed ends through and fasten off.

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