Interlocking Double Chain Arch Edging

This 2 colour crochet edging is created by stitching 2 interlocking chain arches around your crochet projects.

Double Chain Arch Edging

Double Chain Arch Edging | Free Crochet Tutorial

When completing a crochet project, adding an edging or a crochet boarder and elevate the final look of your project. 

This advanced crochet boarder is worked in 3 rounds using 2 differently coloured yarns to create an interlocking edging that is simply eye catching. 

The Double Chain Arch edging featured on my Enchanted Arch Cushion pattern to highlight 2 of the 3 colours used in the pattern and it ties the whole design together.

This edging would look stunning around the boarder of a crochet blanket, and around the edge of cardigans and tops.

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Interlocking Edging for crochet blankets

The pattern testers for the Enchanted Arch Cushion found that the 1st 2 rounds of the edging were really simple, and provided you follow the photo tutorial, the 3rd round is marginally challenge.

As the arches are interlocking, the 3rd round is worked through and around the arches created in round 2 – the location and positioning of your crochet is what creates the intertwined look of this edging.

Below are images of the pattern testers cushions which used the Double Chain Arch edging. 

Love Adding Edges and Boarders to your Projects?

I certainly do! Click the image below to find out more about these alternative edges which you can create following the tutorials on this website.

Double Chain Arch Edging Details

Materials Used in this Tutorial: 

This yarn was kindly provided by Furls Crochet

Furls Wander yarn project in progress

Abbreviations – US Terms: (UK terms in brackets):

St(s) – Stitch(es)

Ch – Chain

Ch sp – Chain space

Sc (dc) – Single crochet (double crochet)

Tr (dtr) – (double) treble crochet

Pattern Notes

  • Please read through the entire pattern before beginning, regardless of skill level. Please contact me ([email protected]) if help is needed to understand any part of pattern.
  • This edging is shown worked in the round but you can work in turned rows as required
  • Beginning ch 1 DOES NOT count as a stitch

How to Crochet the Double Chain Arch Edging

Double Chain Arch Edging Stitch Multiple

The Double Chain Arch edging is worked in 3 rounds and requires a stitch multiple of 3.

When working this edging on to your project, the 1st round of the edging stitch pattern must be divisible by 3. For example, in the Enchanted Arch Cushion, the 1st round of edging has a stitch count of 42 on each edge of the cushion, including the corners to allow the edging to be added. 

Double Chain Arch Edging Crochet

This tutorial is worked into the edge of a cushion with 42 stitches on each side.

Round 1. RS: With A. Ch 1, *sc in each st across to corner, ch 2; repeat from * 2 more times, insert cushion pad, repeat from * to end. 168 sc

Round 2: Ch 1, sc in same as ch 1, (*ch 5, skip 2, sc in next; repeat from * to corner, sl st in ch-2 corner space, sl st into next) around all sides, sl st under 1st sc to join, fasten off. 

Double Chain Arch edging round 2

Round 3: With B, join in st next to 1st sc made in Round 2, pulling yarn through the ch-5 loop in previous round, sc in same as ch 1 by yarning over, through ch-5 arch to complete st,

Round 3 cont.: (*ch 4, remove hook from working loop, insert hook through next ch-5 arch, pick up working loop, sc in next st;

Round 3 cont.: repeat from * to corner, working last sc into ch-2 corner sp from Round 1) around all sides, sl st under 1st sc to join.

Fasten off, weave remaining ends.

Wattle Stitch Crochet Cushion Pattern

Made it?

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Interlocking Edging for crochet blankets

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