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Ruffled Edge on a Granny Square

Learn how to add a ruffled edge to your granny squares with this easy to follow video tutorial. 

Ruffle crochet edging

How to add a ruffled edge to your granny squares

Flouncy but fun!!

Remembering that I am a child of the 80’s, I lived for flouncy sleeves and ruffled bedspreads – it’s no wonder that this edging appeals to me! 

The ruffle is created using a technique called hyperbolic crochet; where you add lots of stitches in to each stitch of the project. These extra stitch in close proximity to one another creates the ruffles.

It’s worth noting that this style of border is not ideal for those projects your want to lay flat on a surface, the ruffled border is best suited to blankets, washcloths or crochet garments. 

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Video Tutorial for Ruffled Crochet Edging

This easy to follow video tutorial will take you through how to complete the steps to add your ruffled edge to your square. 

Ruffled Crochet Edging

1. Join the yarn in any corner, Ch3 (counts as Tr), 5Tr into same corner space.  

2. 3Tr in to each st and ch sp across to next corner space

3. 6Tr into corner space

Repeat steps 2 & 3 around the square. Sl St to top of Ch3 to join round. Fasten off and weave in ends

Shell Stitch crochet border

There are lots of different borders you can add to your granny square projects including the granny square above that has a shell stitch border added. Click the link below to see 4 other borders and edgings for you to try on your next project. See More Crochet Borders 

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