Stacking Crochet Bowls

This stacking crochet baskets are a perfectly practical crochet pattern which will allow you learn how to crochet in the round and how to finish your project with a seamless join! Plus, these bowls are a great place to stash your crochet hook, your notions and stitch markers to help keep your craft room tidy too!

Beginner Crochet Pattern for Stacking Crochet Baskets

This pattern is a perfect crochet project for beginners looking to practice working in the round and learning how to complete the invisible seamless join too!

Below you will see how to crochet the small basket pattern, there are 2 other sizes available in the printed pattern which you can purchase from either my Etsy or Ravelry shop.

The yarn I used for this project is, LoveCraft, Paintbox Recycled T-Shirt Yarn. For the amount of yarn you receive in the 800g ball, it’s really well priced ! You can make a number of crochet baskets from just one ball!

However, due to it’s recycled nature, you will find the thickness will vary throughout the ball. This wont impact on the finished size of your project, but it can make it a little more challenging to work with. With it’s eco-friendly credentials, I can over look it!. 

I love this yarn for so many different reasons. Here are the main 2 –

  • Its Eco friendly, created u sing the left over t-shirt fabric. This means that no additional water is used to produce this yarn. 
  • Every ball is unique! From the colours through to the texture, every ball is slightly different. It’s exciting to feel the differences as you work with it 

So, grab your 10mm crochet hook, and lets get making!

Purchase the Printable PDF

You can purchase your own copy of this crochet pattern to print and keep with also has the other 2 sizes of crochet baskets instructions included-you’ll be getting organised as you crochet !

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Crochet Basket Pattern | Free Crochet Patterns


Super Chunky T-shirt yarn – I used Paintbox Recycled T-shirt yarn in various colours

10mm crochet hook

Tapestry needle


Abbreviations – UK Terms (US in brackets)

St(s)          Stitch(es)

Rnd           Round

Sl St           Slip Stitch

Ch              Chain

Dc (Sc)     Double Crochet (Single crochet

2Dc          2 Double (single) Crochet worked into the same stitch

Pattern Notes

The bowl is worked in the round and each round is joined with a slip stitch in to the 1st stitch of the current round.

Special Stitches

Invisible Seamless Join  

After the final stitch is made, pull up a loop and cut the working yarn. 

Pull the working yarn all the way through the last stitch and thread in to the tapestry needle. 

Insert the needle under the 2 loops of the 1st stitch of the round and pull through.

Insert the needle into the top and middle of the last stitch made and weave in ends.

How to crochet this small basket:

Pattern – Small Stacking Crochet Bowl

With 10mm crochet hook and your super chunky T-shirt yarn – 

Rnd 1. In Magic Ring, 6Dc. Close magic ring, Sl St into 1st St of rnd to join (6)

Rnd 2.  Ch1. 2DC into each stitch around. Sl St to join (12)

Rnd 3.  Ch1. *Dc in first St, 2Dc in next St* Repeat from * to * to end of Rnd . Sl St join (18)

Rnd 4 . Ch1. *Dc in first 2 Sts , 2Dc in next St* Repeat from * to * to end of Rnd. Sl St to join (24)

Rnd 5- 7. Ch1. Dc in each St around. Sl St to join (24)

Finish with invisible seamless join – see the video below to show you how to complete the invisible join. 

A super simple, but seriously practical crochet pattern! Let me know what colour you would make your bowls in

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