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Big Bauble Crochet Christmas Pillow Pattern

Create a big bauble crochet Christmas cushion with this free crochet pattern – make one of the most popular decorations, but supersized!

Big Bauble Crochet Christmas Pillow Pattern

Big Bauble Christmas Cushion | Free Crochet Pattern

This easy technique to create a spiral makes this crochet Christmas cushion a quick to make project, as you work all the colours in each round.

The  spiral can be created in 2, 3, or 4 colours to create your own seasonal style and match your existing holiday decor using your favourite chunky, size 5 yarn.

This free crochet crochet Christmas pillow pattern is written for the 1 size, and uses a round 14″ pillow pad.

Read on to see the full pattern and more ideas on how to use this free crochet pattern. 

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Free Crochet Christmas Bauble Cushion

If you love making for the holidays, be sure to check out these 9 crochet patterns for Christmas.

I really love making for the holidays and every year you will find new easy crochet Christmas patterns.

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Big Bauble Crochet Christmas Pillow Pattern on a chair

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The Chevron Christmas tree skirt makes a great match to the Big Bauble Crochet pillow and can be worked in the same yarn colours.

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Big Bauble Crochet Christmas Pillow | Pattern Details


  • Chunky/Bulky size 5 yarn
  • I used Hayfield Bonus Chunky 100% Acrylic yarn in the following shades
    • A – Red (75m)
    • B – White (75m)
    • C – Red (75m)
    • D – White (75m)
    • E – Yellow (30m)
  • 6mm Crochet Hook
  • 14″ round cushion pad
  • fibre fill
  • Scissors
  • Tapestry needle
  • Optional Bauble Loop
    • 2 or 3 inch wooden ring – designer used inside of embroidery hoop
    • additional 20m E – Yellow

AbbreviationsUS Terms (UK in brackets)

St(s)  – Stitches

Ch – Chain

Sl st – Slip stitch

Sc (Dc) – Single Crochet (double crochet)

Hdc (htr) – Half double crochet (half treble crochet)

BLO – work into back loop of stitch

FLO – work into front loop of stitch

Pattern Notes

  • Please read through the entire pattern before beginning, regardless of skill level. Please contact me ([email protected]) if help is needed to understand any part of pattern.
  • This pattern is worked in continuous rounds, with all 4 colours worked in the same round.
  • Beginning ch-1 does NOT count as stitch.
  • Please be aware of colour change indications – the color changes are NOT only made at the start of the round.
  • To change colour, pull up a large loop after last stitch, place loop of next colour on hook and continue in next stitch.
  • Placing stitch markers in 1st stitch of each round, and working loop of color not being used, is recommended.

Finished Size:

  • to fit 14″ cushion/pillow pad


  • gauge not essential – Use a larger or smaller crochet hook to obtain the correct finished size.
Big Bauble cushion in progress

Special Stitches

Flat Slip Stitch Join

Important things to remember when creating a flat seam:

  • Work with the right side of your project facing
  • Insert hook through BLO of chain/stitch, from the front to back
  • Keep yarn to the back of the project at all times


With right side facing, insert hook through back loop of 1st panel,

Insert hook into the front loop (loops closest to you) of 2nd panel from the front (right side) of the panel to the back (inside of the cushion (3 loops on hook).

Yarn over with working yarn, pull through both panels and loop on hook to slip stitch and join.

Repeat sl st join around, working through BLO of front panel and FLO of back panel to next colour loop.

Change to next colour loop to continue spiral pattern.

Big Bauble Crochet Christmas Pillow pattern tutorial

How to crochet a Big Bauble Crochet Cushion

Make 2 Panels

Round 1: RS. With A. Ch 4, sl st to form ring, *ch 1 (does not count as st), (sc, 3 hdc) in ring, place marker in working loop, join next colour. Repeat from * with B, C and D. (sc, 3 hdc in each colour)

Round 2: With A, *2 hdc, hdc in next, 2 hdc, leave remaining hdc unworked, place marker in working loop, pick up next colour. Repeat from * with B, C and D. (5 hdc per colour)

Round 3: With A, *2 hdc, hdc in next 3, 2 hdc, leave remaining hdc unworked. Repeat from * with B, C and D. (7 hdc per colour)

Rounds 4-15: Repeat Round 3, the number of stitches between 2 hdc in each colour will increase by 2 sts each round. (31 hdc per colour)

Round 16: With A, *sc in next 31, leave remaining hdc unworked. Repeat from * with B, C and D. (31 sc per colour)

Round 17: With A, *sc in next 31, leave remaining sc unworked. Repeat from * with B, C and D. (31 sc per colour)

1st Panel: Fasten off all colours, weave ends.

2nd Panel: Continue to Joining.

Joining Big Bauble Cushion

Joining | Big Bauble Crochet Cushion

Position panels WS together, with 2nd panel on top, align matching colours:

  • A loop (Red) in line with last stitch of D (White), so A is worked over B, and B is worked over A.

Round 1: working through both panels, join using flat slip stitch join, changing colours when next loop is reached. Insert cushion pad before last colour change worked.

Fasten off, weave remaining ends.

Continue to Bauble Top

Big Bauble Cushion Top

Bauble Top | Big Bauble Cushion

Bauble Top

Round 1: With E. Ch 6, 2hdc in 2nd ch from hook, hdc in next 3, 3hdc in last, rotate to work other side of beginning ch, hdc in next 3, hdc in last, join. 12 hdc

Round 2: Ch 1 (does not count), 2hdc in same and next, hdc in next 3, 2hdc in next 3, hdc in next 3, 2hdc in last, join. 18 hdc

Round 3: Ch 1, 2hdc in same and next 3, hdc in next 5, 2hdc in next 4, hdc in next 5, join. 26 hdc

Round 4: Ch 1, working in BLO, hdc in each around, join. 26 hdc.

Rounds 5-8: Ch 1, hdc in each around, join.

Round 9: Ch 1, working in FLO, *(sc, hdc, ch 2, sl st to 1st ch, hdc, sc) in next, sl st in next 2; repeat from * to end, on last repeat sl st to next st only. 9 peaks.

Optional: To create a loop to “hang” your bauble

Round 1: Join E to wooden ring, ch 1, sc around to cover ring, join to 1st st.

Fasten off, leaving long tail for sewing.

Sew to secure to top of Bauble Top.

Made it?

YAY – there’s no better feeling than finishing a crochet project!!

Why not share a picture with me? You can head to the Your Projects page by clicking here or join the Cosy Rosie Community and share with us all so we can celebrate your project with you.

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