Free Easter Crochet Pattern Inspiration

Be inspired to get craft this Easter with these 16 free Easter crochet patterns. From crochet Easter baskets, cute crochet bunnies, through to crochet Easter eggs and a Bunny crochet pot holder. There is everything you need to craft a perfect crochet Easter.

9 Easy Crochet Patterns

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16 Free Crochet patterns for Easter Inpsiration

Easter has become more than just the celebration of Christ’s resurrection. For non-Christians, it has become a celebration of the joys of Spring.

This time of year see the buds bursting with new life, the birth of little lambs and bunnies and a chance to enjoy chocolate in the shape of an egg.

I’m a big lover of chocolate in any shape, but egg shape chocolate seems to taste more special. Unlike those advent calendar chocolates, I’ve never enjoyed them.

More people are exchanging gifts in place of chocolate, especially for the younger ones in the family who seem to receive 10+ Easter eggs. I’ve heard from friends that it’s not the children that end up eating them.

So, whether you’re looking for some new crochet placemats to dress the table for Easter lunch, your looking for a unique gingham crochet Bunny to gift or you simply want to make some tiny crochet bunnies or some crochet carrots, you’ll find links to 16 free crochet patterns to keep you inspired to keep on crafting this Easter.

How this round up of 16 Free Easter Crochet Patterns Works.

Each pattern in this round up post is available for free to follow on the designers website.  Many of these patterns also have the option to purchase a printable version of the pattern too if you’re more of a paper person.

Simply scroll through the list and click on the image that you’d like to crochet, and you’ll be taken straight to the designers website to view the pattern.

There will also be a “Click Here” which will take you directly to find out more about the pattern and get making, so no faffing around trying to find the right link!

1. Bixie the Bunny

Bixie the Bunny

by Chai Coffee Crochet

This beginner friendly bunny pattern creates a playmate that’s ready for a day in the Spring sunshine. 

Click here

2. Lamb Cup

Lamb Cup

by Nana’s Crafty Home

Adorable, quick and easy this precious small lamb basket is a super cute way to present little treats on Easter!

Click here

3. Classic Amigurumi Bunny

Classic Amigurumi Bunny

by Once Upon a Cheerio

Classic Amigurumi Bunny that’s not just for Easter. When a bunny is this cute, it’s worth making all year round.

Click here

4. Carrot Easter Egg Cozy

Carrot Easter Egg Cozy

by Once Upon a Cheerio

Keep your boiled eggs warm or dress your cream eggs up with this carrot egg cozy this Easter.

Click here

5. Easter Bunny Potholder

Easter Bunny Potholder

by Raffamusa Designs

This happy, little bunny will make your Easter cooking extra fun and safe! Made in tapestry crochet, this potholder is solid and very practical to use in the kitchen.

Click here

6. Crochet Easter Egg Applique

Crochet Easter Egg Applique

by GoldenLucyCrafts

Learn how to crochet this Easter egg applique to apply to cards, bags and blankets. 

Click here

7. Spring Gingham Placemats

Spring Crochet Gingham Placemats

by Itchin’ for some Stitchin’

These gingham placemats are a lovely way to brighten up your household this spring.  Perfect for dressing up your springtime brunch or Easter table top! Place it beneath a plant, vase, picture frame, or other decorative piece to add a touch of pastel fun to your home decor!

Click here

8. Giant Easter Egg

Giant Easter Egg

by Cosy Rosie UK

Nothing says Springtime better than crochet Easter Egg – except a supersize one that contain no calories. This big free crochet Easter egg pattern is made with super chunky yarn to create a squishy Easter crochet project that’s finished, quickly. 

Click here

9. Cottontail Easter bunny Basket

Cottontail Easter bunny Basket

by Acrocrochet

Add a little hop to your little one’s step on Easter morning with a Cottontail Easter Bunny Basket. It’s sweet and fluffy and has the cutest little back feet.

Click here

10. Ribbed Easter Eggs

Ribbed Easter Eggs

by KnitterKnotter

Create these beautiful ribbed Easter eggs that have lots of lovely texture. This pattern is great for practing those post stitches. 

Click here

11. Gingham Bunny Cuddler

Gingham Bunny Cuddler

by Nana’s Crafty Home

Modern and cuddly bunny great for home decor or as a cute gift for the littles!

Click here

12. Some Bunny in the Hood

Some Bunny in the Hood

by Once Upon a Cheerio

I practically live in my hoodie. Now, our amigurumi bunnies can too!

Click here

13. Easter Basket Dragon

Easter Basket Dragon

by Hooked by Kati

Add this dragon head, claws, and tail to any small basket for a fantasy twist on an Easter basket!

Click here for the pattern

14. Pipsqueak Bunny bag

Pipsqueak Bunny bag

by Acrocrochet

Whip up this cute alternative to an Easter Basket using fluffy yarn to create a bunny bag.

Click here for the pattern

15. Tiny Bunny Amigurumi

Tiny Bunny Amigurumi

by Green Fox Farms Designs

Make your kids hoppy this Easter by crocheting for them, these sweet Tiny Bunny Amigurumi as part of their Easter gift! Babies will love them too, if you pop a noisemaker inside to create a little crochet rabbit rattle.

Click here for the pattern

16. Bunny Pillow

Bunny Pillow

by Sunflower Cottage Crochet

The perfect pattern to learn how to do the Corner to Corner technique with accompanying videop tutorials to take you through how to make this easy C2C project step by step.

Click here for the pattern

A massive thank you to all the amazing crochet designers for sharing their patterns and their generosity in the Candy Stripe Sale.

I’d love to know which pattern you’ll be trying and see your completed projects so tag me in a picture on your social media of your completed crochet project so I can celebrate your success! 

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*This article, pattern and its images are copyright protected and the sole property of Fiona Field/Cosy Rosie UK 2021. Please do not redistribute, transfer, sell the pattern, or alter it to claim as your own. *

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