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How to crochet a square pillow Cover

Learn how to crochet a square pillow cover with this free crochet pillow pattern, which is vintage inspired. This crochet cushion cover design takes the basic granny square technique and combines it with working granny stitch in the round to create a boho crochet pillow cover.

How to crochet a square pillow cover

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Vintage Crochet Pillow Pattern | Free Crochet Patterns

This free crochet cushion pattern will show you how to crochet a square pillow cover, so you can create your very own vintage cushion cover to add a dash of handmade style to your couch or bed!

You can complete this whole cushion cover in just one weekend – it’s a really quick and easy crochet project!

This crochet pattern uses the crochet granny stitch worked in the round to create a circle, before continuing on to create the square shaped cushion by adding in the corners.

The cushion is made using bulky/chunky yarn and you can choose to go bold and bright with your colour choices or stick to pretty pastels, like in the photo. 

Read on to find how to crochet this square cushion cover. 

Crochet Granny Square Clutch Bag


We had great fun stitching together to make our cushion covers and there were some amazing finished projects by the participants.

There have been lots of requests for more crochet alongs in the future, and I can assure you it wont be too long until the next one.

Why not join the community group to ensure you don’t miss out on the next one? Click here to join.

Purchase the Printable PDF Pattern

You can download your own printable PDF copy of the Running Rings Around Granny Square Cushion pattern from either my Etsy Shop or Ravelry Shop. Click the button below to purchase from your favourite retailer.

How to crochet a square cushion cover pattern

Running Rings Around Granny Square Cushion

Skill Level: Easy


  • 310m Chunky Acrylic Yarn – I used PaintBox Yarns Simply Chunky 100% acrylic 100g/136m in the following 3 shades:
  • Colour 1: Champagne White (302) – 130m
  • Colour 2: Blush Pink (353) – 90m
  • Colour 3: Misty Grey (303) – 90m
  • 6mm Crochet Hook
  • Scissors
  • Tapestry needle for chunky yarn
  •  Cushion Pad 40x40cm (16″ x 16″)


US Terms (UK in Brackets)

St(s)               Stitch(es)

Ch                    Chain

Sc (Dc)           Single Crochet Double Crochet

HDc (htr)      Half Double (treble) Crochet

Dc (tr)            Double (treble) Crochet

3Dc (3tr)       Work the number of Dc (tr) into the same stitch or chain space

Tr (dtr)          Treble Crochet (double treble crochet)

BLO                Work through the back loop only

Pattern Notes:

  • Whatever your skill level with crochet, I always recommend reading through this pattern before beginning. Get in touch if you need any help completing the pattern.
  • This pattern is worked in the round with 2 panels seamed to create the cushion
  • Ch1 at the beginning of the rows DO NOT count as a stitch.
  • Ch3 at the beginning of the rows DOES count as a stitch
  • Ch4 at the beginning of the rows DOES count as a stitch

Finished Size:

  • 16 inch x 16 inch once cushion pad inserted


Gauge is not essential with this pattern, but a consistent tension will help your 2 panels to match.

How to Crochet a Square Pillow Cover

Make 2:

With Colour 1: Ch 4, Sl St into 1st ch to make ring.

Round 1: Ch 3 (counts as Dc), 11 Dc into centre of ring, join (Sl St to top of Ch 3), fasten off. (12 dc)

Round 2: In Colour 2, join to any St. Ch 3, Dc in same St. 2 Dc in each St around, join, fasten off. (24 dc)

Round 3: In Colour 3, Join between any pair of Dc Posts. Ch 3, 2 Dc in same space as Ch3, *3Dc into space between each 2Dc from previous round, repeat from * around, join, fasten off. (12 3 dc clusters)

How to crochet a Square Pillow Cover

Round 4: In Colour 1, Join between any 3Dc cluster. Ch 3, 3Dc in same cluster space, 4Dc into next and each cluster space around, join, fasten off. (12 4 dc Clusters)

Round 5: In Colour 2, Join in any cluster space. Ch3, Dc in same cluster space, *2Dc in to middle of 4Dc cluster, 2Dc in to space between 4Dc cluster; repeat from  around, join, fasten off. (24 2Dc clusters)

Roudnd 6: In Colour 3, Join between any 2Dc cluster. Ch3, 2Dc in same cluster space,  3Dc into each cluster space around, join, fasten off (24 3 dc clusters)

Circle should measure 8 inches when Round 6 is completed

Square off the Granny Circles

  • Mark any cluster space with a stitch marker
  • Count across 6 cluster spaces and place marker
  • Repeat 3 times to mark all 4 corners

Round 7: In Colour 1, Join in any marked cluster space, Ch4 (counts as Tr), [Tr, Ch2. 2Tr] in same cluster space as Ch4, *Tr in next St, Dc in next 3, HDc in next 3, Sc in next 4, HDc in next 3, Dc in next 3, Tr in next, [2Tr, Ch2, 2Tr] in marked cluster space; repeat from * 3 more times. You do not need to repeat the corner on the last repeat, join. (88)

How to crochet a square pillow cover

Round 8: In Colour 2, Join in any Ch2 corner space, Ch3 (counts as Dc), [Dc, Ch2, 2Dc] in same as Ch3, *Dc into each St across to next Ch2 Sp, [2Dc, Ch2, 2Dc] into Ch2 Sp; repeat from * around, join. (104)

Round 9: In Colour 3. Repeat Round 8. (120)

Round 10: In Colour 1. Repeat Round 8. (136)

Round 11: In Colour 2. Repeat Round 8. (152)

Round 12: In Colour 3. Repeat Round 8. (168)

Fasten off after Round 12. Weave in all ends.

Repeat for 2nd Cushion Panel.

How to join crochet cushion panels

Joining the 2 Panels

  • Place the 2 panels with wrong sides facing together (right side out)
  • Insert hook through Ch2 Sp on both panels and join yarn with Sl Sp
  • Ch1
  • Working through the back loop of the 1st panel (closest to you) and the front loop of the 2nd panel:
  •  Sc to join.
  • Repeat this previous step across to corner Ch2 Sp
  • In Ch2 Sp, [2Sc, Ch1, 2Sc]
  • Repeat step 4 across 3 sides, leaving 1 side un-joined
  • Insert Cushion Pad
  • Repeat Step 4 to join the final side
  • Fasten off and weave in remaining ends

Purchase the Printable PDF Pattern

Head on over to either of shops to treat yourself to the full pattern PDF so you can download and keep the pattern in your library as I’m sure people will be asking you make them one after they’ve seen yours!

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