How to join yarn with a magic knot

The magic knot allows you to join 2 yarns seamlessly, leaving no ends to weave in – you just keep on crocheting.

What is the Magic Knot?

The magic knot is a great way to attach a new ball of yarn, without the need to weave in your ends.

This is technique is not to be confused with the magic circle which is used to start a project in the round without a hole in the middle.

It can feel a little fiddly when you first try it out – just keep an eye on where to insert the 2nd yarn and make sure the ends of your yarn are  facing in different directions.

What’s the difference between the magic knot and the Russian knot?

The Russian knot is truly seamless, as you weave the strands of the 2 yarns together by feeding a yarn needle under just 1 ply of the yarn.

The Russian knot is not suitable for all yarns, due to the nature of the weaving so the magic knot is a great alternative.

I will also mention that I have not found the Russian knot to be as secure as a physical, tied knot like the magic knot and wouldn’t feel safe using the it in a project.

How to join 2 yarns with the magic knot

1. Create a loop and thread the yarn through

With the first colour, you will create a knot, without pulling it closed, leave the tail pointing to the left.

2. Knot the 2nd yarn through and around the first strand

  • Insert the 2nd strand of yarn through the hole of the first knot
  • bring the 2nd strand over and around the first strand
  • create a knot with the 2nd strand that mirrors the first knot, ensuring the first strand is going through the 2nd knot

3. Tighten the knots and pull together

  • Pull on the working yarn to tighten the knots
  • and the knots will come together

4. Cut the Ends!

It may feel slightly terrifying to cut those ends, but i assure you the knot is secure – the only way to undo the knot is to pull the ends – once they are removed, it is much harder to come undone.

Thinking there must be a quicker way?

There is!

My preferred way to attach 1 yarn to another is what I call the quick knot! The end result is just as seamless, but for me it’s much quicker.

Click here to find out how to make a quick knot

The magic knot is a great way to join a 2nd ball of yarn while working in a single colour, AND also if you are making scrap projects where the position of the colour change is not essential.

The joy of having less ends to weave is amazing.

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