The quick and easy way to join yarns together

If you hate weaving in your ends, this foolproof way to join yarns together is the quickest and easiest way to get it done – I call it the Quick Knot

The quick and easy way to join yarns together

What is the quick knot join?

This quick technique allows you to join another ball of yarn and is perfect for those times you’re added the same colour or the place for the colour change doesn’t need to be exact.

The finished knot is super secure, even with the ends trimmed so you wont need to weave them in – making it the quick and easy way to join yarns together!

How does this knot vary from the Magic Knot?

The magic knot requires you to ensure you make 2 of the same knots that are intertwined – it is nowhere near as quick to do, and the yarn used to create the knots mean you trim off a lot more yarn. This feels more wasteful to me.

To learn more about the Magic Knot, click here.

Quick and easy way to join your yarns

1. Gather your yarn ends

Line up the 2 ends to be joined – the tails do not need to be too long

2. Wrap the yarn over your thumb and strands of yarn 2 times

Make sure you cover the strands

3. Wrap the yarn around the ends only

Then tuck the ends under the yarn on your thumb

4. Pull the yarn used to wrap while you keep hold of the ends

This may feel a little fiddly, but just make sure those ends are tucked – the wrapped yarn is what creates the knot.

You can safely trim any visible ends without the knot coming undone.

My favourite way to use this technique is to create magic yarn balls that use up all my odds and ends of yarn to create unique yarns for scrap yarn patterns.

Click here to find out how to make your own magic yarn ball.

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