A Review of Paintbox Yarns Chenille and Top Alternatives

We all understand the importance of choosing the right yarn for a project, especially when looking for a plush crochet yarn that is high-quality and soft for Amigurumi makes and homeware projects.  I recently stitched a test for my Love Heart Cushion using Paintbox Yarns Chenille, and was very happy with the finished results.

Lovecraft Yarns Chenille

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Paintbox Yarns Chenille Review

Indulge in Softness

I’m always on the look out for new yarns to try out, so when I opened my order from Lovecrafts.com, where I had topped up my basket to reach the free shipping amount with 3 balls of Lovecrafts Chenille Yarn, I was pleasantly suprised to find a lovely bright pink colour, as bright as it had appeared on their website.

Rather than just stitch up a swatch, I wanted to put the yarn to the ultimate test and create a finished project with the yarn, to test out those all important qualities needed with a plush crochet yarn.

I grabbed my 6mm hook, as the yarn information recommended for this chunky weight chenille and got stitching up a 3rd Love Heart Cushion – a pattern releasing in early February.

I was pleased with the lack of shedding fibres which is the most common complaint when it comes to chenille yarns. This yarn felt luxurious and soft and was very comfortable to work with.

The price of the 100g balls is inline with many of the other chenille yarns out there, but this worked up better than others I have tried.

Crochet pencil Skirt Pattern

Properties of Paintbox Yarns Chenille

Durable and Easy to Work With

Chenille yarn can be a challenge to work with if you are not familiar with the texture, but the solid texture of the Paintbox Yarns Chenille made it feel not dissimilar to other synthetic yarns. 

Paintbox Yarns Chenille would be a great beginner friend crochet yarn, as with the colour I chose, the stitches could easily be seen, making it easier to work additional rows of crochet on to my project. 

Those who have worked with chenille yarns before, will be cautious of how easily the chenille is stripped from the thread when weaving in ends, or creating a magic circle. Just like many chenille yarns, Paintbox Chenille still has the same challenges, but the fibres didn’t shed while using the yarn to crochet – no fluff got up my nose!

There are 22 different colours to choose from from black, Marshmallow pink, Peppermint, through to Peony that I selected. 

The colour matched what I selected on the website perfectly; it was a bright pink and just want I wanted.

Yarn Details

  • 100g (3.5oz) = 120m (131yds) 
  • Material – 100% polyester 
  • Yarn Weight – Chunky
  • Recommended hook size – 6mm
  • Care – delicate machine wash at 30 degrees
Crochet Love Heart Cushion in Paintbox Yarns Chenile

Recommended Projects – Paintbox Chenille

Versatility in Crafting

Paintbox Yarns Chenille would work well in so many different crochet projects including crochet plush toys, where this soft yarn would make the toys super soft.

I’ve already tested this yarn in a homeware project and would recommend Paintbox Chenille yarn for a soft, luxurious blanket – I could easily imagine snuggling up under a layer of this soft chenille. 

This yarn could also be used to create a cold-weather beanie hat that would be so lovely and lightweight to wear – click here to see how to crochet a hat in any yarn

The different way’s to use this yarn are only limited to the patterns you can think of – any pattern that uses chunky yarn would be a straight swap to create an even softer finished project.

Pictured below is my free pattern for the BIG Easter Egg – Paintbox Yarns Chenille will be perfect to create a smaller egg as this pattern used Bernat Blanket Yarn, a larger weight chenille yarn.

Top Alternatives | Paintbox Chenille Yarn

Exploring Similar Luxurious Yarns

There are many chenille yarns available and here are some alternatives to Paintbox Yarns Chenille:

This yarn is very similar, in that the yarn weight, length and fibre match perfectly. 

This yarn is very similar, in that the yarn weight, length and fibre match perfectly. 

This yarn is also a great match for the yarn weight, length and fibre.

You can find chenille yarns available in different yarn weights, so if you’re looking for a bigger yarn, try Bernat Blanket Yarn, or for a smaller yarn try Ricorumi – Nilli Nilli, the perfect choice for smaller amigurumi projects. 

Conclusion | Would I buy again?

My overall impression of Paintbox Chenille yarn is that it is a high quality, plush crochet yarn, for a very reasonable price point.

I will most definitely by purchasing more of this yarn, with a blanket pattern on the horizon!

I’d love to know if you’ve ever worked  with chenille yarns, do you have a favourite? Or have you been avoiding it, paying too close attention to neigh Sayers?

Let me know in the comments below.

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