What BLO in Crochet means

Learn what the abbreviation BLO in crochet means and how you you crochet a BLO stitch. You’ll also discover how Back Loop Crochet can be used in crochet patterns to change the look of your project.

How to BLO in crochet

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BLO in crochet | Back Loop Crochet

BLO is the abbreviation for Back Loop Only and is the instruction within a crochet pattern to work the next stitch into the back loop instead of under both loops of the stitch.

Which Loop in the stitch is which?

Learning to identify the different loops is essential to make sure you are placing the stitch in the right loop.

Any crochet stitch has two loops and  when looked at from the top, the stitch forms a sideways V.

The loops of the stitch that form the V are either the front or the back loop of the stitch. 

The front loop of a stitch is always the one closest to you – even if you turn your work around, the front loop will still be the one closest.

The back look is the loop furthest away from you. 

Insert your hook ensuring it comes up through the middle of the V to pick up the front loop

Insert the hook through the middle of the V to pick up the back loop

How to FLO or BLO in Crochet

BLO Crochet in Amigurumi

When making Amigurumi, check the pattern notes to confirm if the right side (RS) or wrong side should be facing as you stitch your project.

As most Amigurumi projects are worked in the round, it’s important that the RS of your project is facing you so that you can be certain that the correct front loop or back loop is being worked.

Why Would BLO be used in a crochet pattern

BLO Ribbing on crochet beanie

The technique of working it to the BLO (back loop only) can be used for so many reasons in crochet patterns; from simply creating ribbing for cuffs on your sweaters or brims on your crochet hats and cardigans through to correcting crochet color work issues.

Here are some reasons BLO in crochet used:

  • Ribbing – cuffs, hats and scarves, cardigans and other wearables
  • Mosaic Crochet
  • Tapestry Crochet
  • Shaping – working in to one stitch will create a light fold in the crochet fabric – ideal for the base of baskets or bags
  • Colour work in the round
  • Create texture and to enhance the stitch definition

I’ve gathered together a collection of crochet patterns that all use back loop crochet – and they are all so different! 

Click here to see all crochet patterns using FLO & BLO crochet and why they use it.

Frequently Asked Questions | BLO (Back Loop Only)

What a stitches can you BLO be used with?

Any stitch can be worked into the back loop only (BLO) and the stitch is worked in exactly the same way as normal.

The only thing that changes is which loop you pick up.

How do you count BLO Rows?

The rows can be counted the same way, but when working ribbing, it can be easier to count 2 rows at a time as it looks like 1 row points in and the other points out.

If you are ready to work your stitches into the back loop, why not check out these crochet  patterns that use this technique.

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