The Perfect Way To Finish Your Projects

 This crochet tutorial shows you how the invisible join will give your crochet projects a professional and perfect finish! This technique is no secret, but is not utilised enough by pattern designers. Once you have mastered this technique, you can apply it to finish almost all of your projects making weaving in the final end simple,  easy and untraceable! 

invisible join - crochet coaster

Learn how to Crochet the Invisible Join

The Perfect Finish

This technique can be used both between rounds when fastening off a colour and joining the next colour, and at the end of your project.

  • When we use the invisible join changing colours in between rounds, the colour change will not be seen! We’ve all been there, when we’ve changed colour, only to see the slip stitch peeking through the last stitch in the previous round – so annoying! 
  • When we finish our projects with an invisible join, there is no visible ending!  Looking at the photo of the Running Rings Around Granny Coaster below, it is really hard to see where the round was finished and the ends woven in.

Traditionally, when we finish of a row or a round, we would make a chain after completing the final stitch, then pull the working yarn through the chain to create a little knot. It can then be quite a challenge to hide that knot! It leaves a lump and makes weaving in the ends that much more challenging. 

Read on to see how to complete the perfect finish with an invisible join and follow along with the video of the technique too. 

Make the Perfect Finish

Once you reach your final stitch in your project, complete it as normal but DO NOT join with a slip stitch to the beginning of the round. 

Leave your hook in the stitch and cut your yarn, leaving enough to safely weave in your ends. 

invisible join crochet

Grab your darning needle

  • Using your hook, pull the cut yarn up through the final stitch.
  • Thread the yarn on to your darning needle and insert your needle under the 1st stitch of the round from front to back, and pull the needle and yarn through.
  • Insert your needle through the the middle of the last stitch completed, and out under the back loop of the stitch. 
  • This will look just like you’ve complete another stitch, making the join invisible. 
  • Weave in your end to finish the project

I know this technique will make a huge difference to your crochet confidence as your projects will have the perfect finish, every time! 

I’d love to know if you use this technique, share a photo of your completed project on social media and tag me so I can see it – @cosyrosieuk. Don’t forget to share your new technique with your friends using the link below. 

If you want to try this technique out, why not make your own Jam Jar Cosy? You can find the free pattern by clicking the button below. Make your own Jam Jar Cosy 

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