Patterns that use Front Loop and Back Loop Crochet

FLO and BLO is used in crochet patterns for an number of reasons and these patterns are great examples of how working in only 1 loop of you stitch can create different result and correct color work issues too.

Patterns that use BLO

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25+ Crochet Patterns that use FLO & BLO

Following on from the What is BLO in Crochet, I discovered many people have used FLO (front loop only) & BLO (back loop only) in crochet to create a ribbed hat – in fact for many, it’s one of the first projects they ever made. 

I wanted to share more reasons for using FLO & BLO in crochet – it’s used for much more than just ribbing.

These crochet patterns are all examples of working into just one loop of the stitch and they each have different reasons for using the technique such as:

  • Correcting crochet color work
  • Creating texture
  • Part of a crochet technique
  • To add structure to a finished project
  • Crochet color work in the round
25 Crochet patterns that use FLO & BLO

How this Crochet Pattern Round Up Works:

Each photo represents a different crochet pattern by a talented, independent crochet designer. 

All the patterns featured in this round up use either FLO or BLO stitches in the pattern.

Some of these designs are available to view for free on the designers website, but if they are not or you prefer to purchase a printable pattern, the designer’s website will direct you where to purchase.

There will be a button which will take you directly to either to the designers blog or to their pattern shop, so no faffing around trying to find the right link!

So, get scrolling and find the pattern you want to use to learn more about working into one loop of your crochet stitch.

BLO in Crochet to Create Ribbing

Easy Ribbed Beanie

by Cosy Rosie UK

This quick and easy ribbed beanie uses the half Double (UK Treble) to create a stretchy and comfy beanie for all ages. 

Click the button to find the pattern and video tutorial. 

Find out more about this pattern 

Easy Textured Beginner Ear warmer

by Simply Hooked by Janet

This quick crochet earwarmer uses the single crochet (UK Double) stitch worked into the back loop to create a cool headband. 

What colour will you be making your’s in?

Make this Headband 

Winter Solstice Sweater Dress

by Dora Does

This stunning dress uses blo ribbing to create a textured dress that looks super comfy.

The pattern includes shaping around the hips for a comfy fit. 

Find out more about this pattern 

Faux Fur Gloves

by Cosy Rosie UK

These fingerless gloves are made with ribbed hand sections. 

The cuff is created using the BLO stitches leaving the front loops free to slip stitch the faux fur on to. 

It’s got to be the easiest way to use Faux Fur Yarn!

Find out more about this pattern 

Ribbed Granny Stitch Cowl

by Eye Love Knots

This unique cowl showcases how BLO crochet ribbing can create the perfect edging to your project. 

It creates such a stretchy crochet fabric that is so comfy to wear.  

Find out more about this pattern 

Tunisian Crochet Lattice Top

by Creations by Courtney

The Tunisian Lattice Top is great for layering over tanks, dresses, short sleeves, and even long sleeve when the weather cools. 

The ribbing can be slow to make but so worth the effort to bring the whole piece together, and customize the fit.

Find out more about this pattern 

Brentwood Men’s Pullover

by A Crocheted Simplicity

This classic crochet mens shawl collared pullover is worked from the bottom up with minimal seaming (shoulders only). 

The collar is then added with ribbing in BLO with the sleeves are worked directly from the armhole openings and worked and shaped down to the ribbed cuff. 

Find out more about this pattern 

BLO in Crochet to Create Texture

Imperfect Summer Crochet Vest

by Dora Does

This summer vest pattern uses mainly FLO stitches to create a lightweight crochet vest top that will be instyle all year round (with a little layering).

This pattern is suitable for Advanced Beginners who are looking to make their first garment. 

Find out more about this pattern 

Watercolor Cowl

by Blackstone Designs

This stunning cowl is made using a yarn cake so no colour changes required. 

This pattern is a great example of how BLO stitches can create interesting texture in our projects. Find out more about this pattern 

Crochet Color Work that use FLO & BLO

There are crochet techniques that use FLO and BLO in crochet as part of how to complete the technique, usually in the from of colour work.

Here are some of the techniques that use this:

  • Mosaic Crochet
  • Tapestry Crochet
  • Adjusting color work in the round

Bohemian Mosaic Placemat

by Made by Gootie

This free crochet rectangle placemat pattern is made using the overlay mosaic crochet method and is an intermediate skill level.

The Overlay Mosaic technique is a popular technique that everyone should try!

Find out more about this pattern 

Desert Cacti Zipper Pouch

by Raffmusa Designs

This crochet zipper bag is colorful, bold, and just the right size to try tapestry crochet with no more than 3 colours of yarn in each round.

The result is a cute pattern that helped me transition from bicolored patterns to something more interesting and challenging – but worth it!

Find out more about this pattern 

House of Cards Mosaic Blanket

by Me ‘n’ My Hook

Looking for a beginner mosaic crochet blanket pattern?  

The House of Cards Blanket is a free overlay mosaic blanket pattern featuring something we have all used – playing cards.  

Find out more about the pattern and how to make your own House of Cards Blanket.

Find out more about this pattern 

Crochet Diamond Tote

by Loops and Love Crochet

These Diamond Tote bags are so much fun to work up using Tapestry Crochet.

This bag is worked up starting with the rectangular base in rows, before working in rounds for the body/bag height, and finishing off with working the handles/straps. 

Find out more about this pattern 

Mosaic Crochet Bag

by Simply Melanie Jane

Mosaic meets granny stitch in this chic, modern mosaic crochet bag!

This introductory pattern to the Mosaic technique is a fun and practical project.

Find out more about this pattern 

Lipa Backpack

by Blue Star Crochet

This back pack pattern uses the tapestry crochet technique to incorporate the Fir tree design.

This fabulous bag pattern is a great way to learn how to use those back loops to create colour work without the other colour showing through.

Find out more about this pattern 

Mustache Cup Cozy

by Simply Hooked by Janet

This fun cup cozy i worked in the round and uses BLO to prevent the color work looking offset in the next round worked. 

It also help hide the contrasting color when it’s carried behind the stitches. 

Find out more about this pattern 

Patterns that use FLO & BLO to create Structure and Shaping

The Kate Basket

by Sunflower Cottage Crochet

This handy basket can be used to store anything! 

The BLO stitches used in this pattern are used to create more structure and firmness in the finished project. 

Find out more about this pattern 

Sunflower Coasters

by Hooked on Patterns

These cute coasters featured BLO stitches in the seed head part of the pattern to create the most interesting texture. 

The petals have the sweetest picot stitches at the tips to create a perfect finish. 

Find out more about this pattern 

Rainbow Sweetheart Blanket

by Flo’s Crafty Crochet

This beautiful bright baby blanket is perfect to wrap your little treasure in. 

The BLO stitches enhance and create some gorgeous texture created in this pattern. 

Find out more about this pattern 

Boho Placemat & Coaster

by This Pixie Creates

 If you love bohemian style decor, or you are looking for a simple textured placemat to add some colour and warmth to your space, then this crochet boho placemat pattern is for you!

The swirl pattern is created by the BLO stitches. 

Find out more about this pattern 

Lobelia Crochet Plant Pot Holder

by Made by Gootie

This crochet plant cozy is perfect as a gift for housewarming, and to add some chic to your home decor.

The BLO stitches create a clean fold in the crochet fabric between the bottom and top of this plant cozy.

Find out more about this pattern 

Make those Stitches Stand out with FLO or BLO

Ribbed Zig Zag Cowl

by Remmington Lane 

This stunning cowl uses a chevron stitch using the BLO to create highlight the zig zag effect – perfection! 
Find out more about this pattern 

Blockbuster Clutch Bag

by Me ‘n’ My Hook

The hexegons in this clutch bag are joined in the back loop to really make the edges stand out and highlight the shape. 

Find out more about this pattern 

Henry the Hedgehog

by Garn Knuten

This little chap’s spikes are created with both front loop and back loop crochet to create extra texture and highlight his spiky-ness! 

Find out more about this pattern 

Clover Fan Infinity Scarf

by Made by Gootie

The pattern is using a unique stitch combination with a lacy yarn and creates a beautifully lightweight infinity scarf crochet pattern.

The delicate stitches are emphasised using BLO so the clover stitch fan stands out.

Find out more about this pattern 

Round Dip Dyed Earings

by Eye Love Knots

Create your own stylish earrings to show of more than just youy style.

The BLO stitches highlight the stitches, texture and hide thos colour changes too!

Find out more about this pattern 

Argyle Beanie & Slouch

by A Crocheted Simplicity

Create a beanie that will make you the talk of the town for all the best reasons!

The Argyle design is created using both FLO and BLO stitches – and it’s breathtaking! 

Find out more about this pattern 

I want to extend my thanks to all of the designers who allowed me to include their beautiful designs in this round up of crochet patterns that use FLO & BLO crochet – I just need to narrow it down it which one I’m starting next!

25+ Patterns using BLO & FLO

*This article, pattern and its images are copyright protected and the sole property of Fiona Field/Cosy Rosie UK 2022. Please do not redistribute, transfer, sell the pattern, or alter it to claim as your own. *

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