Free Pattern – Jar Cosy

This free crochet pattern for a Mason jar cosy diffuses bright lights, helping them glow through your re-used jam jars. Outdoor living is all about lighting for me – twinkling fairy lights make everything cosy! Decorate your jar with this crochet cozy, pop in some LED lights for some extra outdoor lighting!

Free Mason Jar Crochet Cozy

Running Rings Around Granny Jar Cosy

Eco Friendly Outdoor Lighting

I wanted to design a pattern to make my time spent in my garden a little brighter and make use of my empty jars. I had previously just put some battering operate lights in the empty jars, but they were almost too bright as the night sky darkened. 

This Jar Cosy helps to defuse the light coming through the glass and created this crochet pattern which works perfectly to soften the light and make evenings spent in the garden cosy and almost romantic! 

You can purchase the Ad-Free printable pattern by clicking the button below from my Etsy shop. 

outdoor lighting DIY crochet jar cosy

Running Rings Around Granny Jar Cosy

Skill Level:  Beginner

Materials Required:

10g (50m) each in 4 different shades of DK acrylic yarn will cover 2 jam jars.

  • I used Woman’s Institute Premium Acrylic Yarn (100g/250m) in shades
  • Colour 1: plum,  Colour 2: fushia, Colour 3: baby pink, Colour 4: white

4mm (Size G-6) Crochet hook


Jam Jar or Mason jar

  • My small jar measures 10cm tall with 23.5cm circumference. 
  • My large jar measures 13cm tall with 22.5cm circumference.

Battery operated candles or fairy lights

***DO NOT USE REAL CANDLES*** – Heat from candles in glass jars creates a high risk of glass shattering!


Gauge is not essential for this pattern. The pattern is mildly stretchy so will fit all standard jars.   

UK Abbreviations (US Terms in brackets):

Ch                  Chain

Rnd               Round                     

Sl St              Slip Stitch       

St(s)              Stitches         

Tr                   Treble Crochet (Double Crochet)

HTr               Half Treble Crochet (Half Double Crochet)

HTr2Tog    Half Treble 2 stitches together (Half Double 2 stitches together)                         

C                    Colour     

PM               Place Marker

Pattern Notes:

  • Each round is completed and fastened off before joining the next colour for the next round.
  • Ch3 counts as Tr crochet at the beginning of each round. 

Special Stitches:

Invisible Join – To prevent a bump from fastening off your project, you will be completing an invisible join. This will mean no one will see where you finished your final round as is fully explained in the video tutorial and in this blog post. 

How to make the Running Rings Around Granny Jar Cosy


With Colour 1, h4, Sl St into 1st ch to make ring.

Rnd 1. Ch3 (counts as Tr), 11 Tr into centre of ring. Sl St to top of Ch3. (12)

Rnd 2. Ch3, Tr in same st. 2Tr in each st around. Fasten off. (24)

Rnd 3. In C2. Join between any pair of Tr Posts. Ch3, 2Tr in same space as Ch3. *Tr3 into space between each Tr2 from previous round.* Repeat between * and * until end. Sl St to top of Ch3 to join. Fasten off. (36)

Rnd 4. In C3. Join between any 3Tr cluster. Ch3, 2Tr in same cluster space. 3Tr into each further cluster space around. Sl St to top of Ch3 to join. Fasten off. (36)

Rnd 5. In C4. Join between any 3Tr cluster. Ch3, 2Tr in same cluster space. 3Tr into each further cluster space around. Sl St to top of Ch3 to join. Fasten off. (36)

Repeat Rnd 5 until the jar cover reaches where the jar’s width reduces for the lid, changing colour on each row before decreasing to fit the top of the jar. 

Small jar – 7 more rows of 3Tr clusters.

Large Jar – 8 more rows of 3Tr clusters.

Decreasing to fit top of jar

Rnd 1. Change to next colour. Join in top of any Tr St, not between the sts. Ch1, HTr in to same st as Ch1, Htr into next 2 sts, *HTr2Tog, HT2 in next 2 sts*. Repeat between * and * to end or round. Sl St to top of 1st HTr to join. (28)

Rnd 2. Change to next colour. Join in any St. Ch1, HTr in each st around. Join with an invisible join to finish. (28)

  • Cut the yarn and pull the yarn through your final stitch and thread on to your needle.
  • Insert your needle from the front, under both loops of the 1st stitch of the round.
  • Insert your needle through the back loop of the final stitch made.
  • Adjust the stitch made to the same size as your other stitches and weave in your ends. 

Click here to see how to complete the Invisible Join

free crochet pattern jar cover

I hope you’ve enjoyed making your very own Running Rings Around Granny Jar Cosy. I’d love to see your finished jar so don’t forget to tag me in a photo so I can see your finished project! #grannystripejarcosy

Free Mason Jar Crochet Cozy

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