WeCrochet Wonderfluff Yarn Review

A review of this luxury chunky wool yarn from WeCrochet, including what you can use Wonderfluff yarn to make, and how easy is it to use Wonderfluff Yarn in your crochet projects. 

Wonderfluff Ombre yarn review

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Wonderfluff Yarn, WeCrochet | A Yarn Review

I’ve recently received a lovely package of wool supplied from WeCrochet to create a beautiful, Autumn crochet pattern with. I chose to try out Wonderfluff yarn as I loved the idea being wrapped up in this super soft blend of wool.

The Wonderfluff range comes in 2 styles; Wonderfluff and Wonderfluff Ombre which are designed to work perfectly together!

I selected to use both the Ombre cakes and the solid balls of yarn together to check just how well they work together and I was really impressed!

The yarn itself is described on the WeCrochet website as “softer than a kitten, fluffier than a cloud, Wonderfluff is a technological marvel! Silky baby alpaca and fleecy merino fibers are blown into and caught in a lightweight tube of nylon mesh.”

I have to agree with the technological marvel aspect of this yarn – I’ve never felt yarn as soft as this while it is still strong enough to crochet with!

If you’re looking for a yarn that features natural fibres, has a generous yardage with a huge dose of luxury, I don’t think you can go wrong with Wonderfluff! 

Wonderfluff yarn uk

Wonderfluff | Yarn Specifics

Yarn Name: WeCrochet WonderFluff

  • Available in 18 beautiful colours to choose from
  • Yarn Weight: Bulky (UK Chunky)
  • Ball Length: 142 yds
  • Weight: 50g
  • Fibre: 70% Baby Alpaca, 7% Merino Wool, 23% Nylon
  • Care Instructions: Hand wash/Dry Flat

Yarn Name: WeCrochet WonderFluff Ombre

  • Available in 6 complimentary colours that work perfectly with the Wonderfluff Solid balls to extend the already long colour change
  • Yarn Weight: Bulky (UK Chunky)
  • Ball Length: 284 yds
  • Weight: 100g
  • Fibre: 70% Baby Alpaca, 7% Merino Wool, 23% Nylon
  • Care Instructions: Hand wash/Dry Flat

Why You Should Use WeCrochet Wonderfluff!

  • The long colour change and the easy way to match up the Ombre cakes with the solid balls.
  • I paired the Wonderfluff Ombre in shade Cobblestone Heather with the solid Wonderfluff when creating my Take it on the Hip Poncho and it was a great way to highlight the colour changes in the Ombre cake and extending the length of the project without having to control the colours within the cake. 
  • The fibre blend!
  • It felt such a treat to use such a luxurious blend of yarns! The high content of Alpaca is what ensured the softness of the yarn while the way in which yarns are blended creates a lightweight yet warm fabric. Just what I want from my crochet garments and winter accessories.
  • The colour choices
  • Most of the colours are muted and the ombre cakes can be worked from either light to dark or the other way and even those they show as quite subtle, the finished item really shows off the colour change. 

What WeCrochet Wonderfluff is good for! 

Wonderfluff feels like it has been designed with colder weather in mind! I’ve already started on a beanie design to go alongside my poncho pattern as the warmth retained with this yarn will be perfect for those deep winters and will keep out the chilling winds!

It’s ideal for crochet hats and beanies, cosy socks and would make a fabulous cardigan too!

I can’t wait to use this yarn again!

Wonderfluff yarn review

Things that you may not love about Wonderfluff!


This yarn is fluffy as the name suggests, this can mean that undoing mistakes and frogging your work can take a little time, but with is not impossible.

I found that I was unable to undo my chain so was very careful to make sure my chain was the right number before beginning my project.


Like many yarns that contain natural fibres, this yarn did shed some fibres as I was working with it – depending on which colour you chose to crochet with, wear a similar colour to prevent looking too hairy as you crochet!

Once this yarn is blocked and hand washed, the shedding is much less but it still retains its softness. 

Hook Size! 

This yarn has a wide range of recommended hook size to chose from. In my poncho design, I used an 8mm hook to give a looser crochet fabric and to increase the already great drape the yarn produces.

If I was making a beanie or hat, I would select a smaller hook size for a tighter fabric.

Things you’ll love about Wonderfluff

Soft and Fluffy!!

If you love winter accessories, you will love this yarn! The combination of natural fibers and fluffiness create a soft, pillowy garment which you wont be able to stop touching! 

Natural Fibres

I’m certain that the softness of Wonderfluff yarn is a result of the natural fibres used.

I’m on the look out for more yarns that have a higher concentration of natural fibres without the risk of any allergies to sheep’s wool.

Would I Recommend WeCrochet Wonderfluff?

I can genuinely say that I love Wonderfluff!! I already have plans to use it again for another project (or 3)!

The winning elements of this yarn have to be the softness, and the natural fibres which for my vastly outweigh the attention needed while frogging my mistakes!

If you’ve never tried it, click the button below and head on over to WeCrochet to get your hands on this fluffy, soft yarn.

Purchase Wonderfluff Yarn 

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