What is a schematic in a crochet pattern

Find out more about a what a schematic can tell you about the pattern you want to make including from how many sections there are in the pattern to make, and where you can adjust the pattern for a better fit.  

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What is a Schematic?

A schematic shows you all the elements of a crochet pattern and is a great starting point to understand more about how the pattern will be joined and the fit that will be achieved.

So Many Measurements!

There are lots of numbers and measurements shown on a schematic, and all those numbers will help you work out how the pattern will fit to your body and where you can adjust a pattern if needed for a better fit.

The measurements are taken before seaming and show the finished (blocked) measurements. You may need to block your finished sections to achieve the finished measurement – read how to block your projects.

Elements of Shaping

The example above shows the schematic from the Rose Cardigan and shows that there is no shaping in the body of the cardigan, as the back panel is a square.

You can also see the side panels have a slightly angled neckline, which changes to straight towards the shoulders.

There are also 3 different sleeve options to chose from.

Where to start?

Take a moment to find your size in the measurements. The measurements are shown in size order (as shown in the pattern notes) as follows:

  • XS, S, M, L ,XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL

Check the Back Panel Width

Check the finished measurement of the back panel as shown in the schematic ,against your bust measurement – this will show you how fitted the cardigan will be around your chest.

Check the length

If you’re happy with how that will fit, you can look at the length options and see which lengh you’d like to make. The length options are:

  • Cropped (14″)
  • Hip Length (22″)
  • Mid Thigh (30″)
  • Knee Length (34″)

The easiest way to select a size

If you have a favourite sweater or cardigan that fits you the way you like, you can measure that sweater, and find a corresponding measurement on the schematic to make the same fit.

Measure across the back on that sweater you love and find the corresponding measurement to determine the size to be made.

If you find that the size of cardigan you want to make differs from the one assigned from your measurements in the size chart, simply follow the stitch counts for the size you want to make as shown in the schematic.

Check the Amount of Yarn Needed

Once you know which size of a pattern you are making, you can check the pattern for how much yarn you will need to make the size selected.

If the amounts given are not clear or there are multiple options to create the pattern, you can calculate how much yarn you will need using your gauge swatch.

Click the button below to workout how much yarn you will need to make your project – Calculate how much yarn you need for your project 

How much yarn do I need for

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