Zig Zag Granny Ripple Crochet Tutorial

This step by step tutorial will have you crocheting the Zig Zag Granny Ripple. This combination of stitches really makes the most of the colours in variegated yarn! 

How to crochet the granny ripple zig zag

The tutorial shows you have to crochet the granny ripple stitch which is perfect to use to create blankets, scarves and even cushion covers. This tutorial will help you create your swatch so you can customise the starting chain and create your own crochet project. 

Granny Ripple Wrap

Granny Ripple Crochet Pattern

I love this technique so much that I have designed a crochet pattern featuring it. The Really, Really, Wanna Wrap recommends using my favourite variegated yarn; Sirdar Jewelspun. Click here to see all 6 shades it’s available in. I know you’ll agree with be about just how fabulous the granny ripple makes the colours show. 

Once you’ve completed this tutorial and you’re ready to put your new skills into action, treat yourself to a copy of the Really, Really Wanna Wrap by clicking the button below. Find out more about the Wrap Pattern 

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Skill Level: Beginner

Materials Needed:

Yarn and corresponding crochet hook – I used PaintBox Yarns Simply Chunky in Shade Ballet Pink (Click here to see the Yarn) with a 6mm crochet hook. (If you love my Peach Ombre glitery hook, you can pick one up by clicking here)


Sts          Stitches

Ch           Chain

Dc           Double Crochet (US Single Crochet)

Tr            Treble Crochet (US Double Crochet)

3Tr          Crochet 3 treble crochets into the same stitch or chain

Special Stitches

The granny ripple is worked from a chain in multiples of 24 which is the number of chains needed between each peak (Zig & Zag). To balance the swatch, we will be adding  an extra 19 chains to our foundation chain, plus a turning chain of 4

For this swatch, we will begin with a foundation chain of 47 = 24 + 19 + 4

If you want to create your own blanket, you will need to add an extra 24 chains to your foundation for each additonal zig zig you want to add. 

You can follow the written pattern below as you crochet along with the video tutorial 

How to crochet Zig Zag Granny Ripple


Row 1:

  • In 5th chain from hook, 3Tr, skip 2 chain, 3Tr in next chain, skip 2 chain, 3Tr, Skip 2 chain, (3Tr, Ch3, 3 Tr) in the next chain (peak made),
  • Skip 2 chains, 3Tr, skip 2 chain, 3Tr, skip 2 chain, 3Tr, skip 5 chain,
  • 3Tr, skip 2 chain, 3Tr, skip 2 chain, 3Tr, skip 2 chain, (3Tr, Ch3, 3Tr) in same chain, 
  • skip 2 chain, 3Tr, skip 2 chain, 3Tr, skip 2 chain. In final chain, 3Tr, Ch1, Tr. Turn

Row 2: Ch4 (counts as Tr and 1 chain), 3Tr in 1st cluster space, 3Tr in next 2 cluster spaces. In Peak, (3Tr, Ch3, 3Tr), 3Tr in next 3 cluster spaces. Skip Ch5 space and leave unworked,

Row 2 continued:  3Tr in next 3 cluster spaces, (3Tr, Ch3, 3Tr) in peak, skip 2 chain, 3Tr in next 3 cluster spaces, Tr in cluster space between Tr and 3Tr cluster in Row 1.

How to crochet granny ripple

Row 3: Repeat Row 2.

You can continue you work more rows to practice this granny ripple technique or use the formula above to add additional zig zags and make a bigger foundation chain and create your very own blanket.

Now you have completed this Granny Ripple tutorial, why not make use of your skills and put your hook to use making the Really Really Wanna Wrap. The pattern is changed so you have the same number of peaks on each end of your wrap. Click the button below to purchase the crochet pattern.

Granny Ripple Crochet Pattern

If you’ve enjoyed this tutorial, why not try your hook at another granny inspired crochet tutorial?

Click here to learn how to crochet a Granny Rectangle! 

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